Different Perspectives Page 281

By | July 9, 2015

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9 months ago

how is chris going to explain this to jesscia so she can understand what he’s been going through with out her fainting .

5 years ago

Tell her it’s an Anchovy pizza induce hallucination

6 years ago

Dumb idea.

Hobo K
7 years ago


7 years ago

I feel like Jessica has the same powers but maybe she HAS tried on a man’s cap or something, but the reason that didnt work is because she’s always wearing lipstick or earrings. Idk its just a theory

Reply to  Someone
5 years ago

I agree and hope Jessica will discover that she has the opposite power and can only turn into boys

James Caras
7 years ago

Chris is having an idea.
That means there is going to be trouble.

7 years ago

Why didnt Chris try to break her fall if he really cared about her?

Reply to  sawdust
7 years ago

Feinting like that happens incredibly quickly. Also, it looks like she’s falling toward the sofa.

7 years ago

Maybe Christina is the dominant female mind now no matter which female Chris transform into.