Different Perspectives Page 280

By | July 8, 2015

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1 year ago

jesscia now you know what your brother has been hiding from you this whole time .

5 years ago

Dumb move Chris. Sigh.

Naomi Pearce
8 years ago

I love how he assumes people will believe her if she tells anyone. Demonstrated by the fact that he had to actually change in front of her to make his point.

8 years ago

Honestly, I think I’d rather people think I’m a crossdresser, than face the real life ramifications of people knowing about my power. Can you say endless living in a lab medical testing?

Reply to  argusceo
5 years ago

And now Jessica has something to hold over him.

8 years ago

Great, the secret of two is for three now, maybe will be for four, five o the world

Secret dreamer
8 years ago

I think it’s the mum who has the power too……

8 years ago

Jessica has a sister now. I hope Jessica also has the power also.

Here’s an idea for Chris/Christina and Jessica to have some fun. Jessica finds out that she also has the power and then both of them change into each other for a few hours. They be each other in front of their parents. They do tis for a couple of hours and have some laughs with each other. They should really enjoy themselves.

Unless told, the parents should be none the wiser

Hobo K
8 years ago

I fully expect her to faint.