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By | July 10, 2015

Because two series have ended in the last three animations, and because I get asked about what’s going on with any series every other day, here is a list of the status of all series. The place where things are most likely to change on here is the undecided category. Out of the in progress category, I think Halloween Switch will get the most frequent updates from this point.

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Goo To Put Down


Ongoing Series

Halloween Switch
The Grandmother Paradox


Upcoming Series

My Apprentice

One Shots

New Year in a New Land
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)


Undecided Status

Doing Business As (Lack of interest)
Mixed Up (Possible short series)
Another Chance (Possible short series)


Discussion and POLL: Cutting or Adding DP Scenes
State of the Fox
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Scott Clawson
4 months ago

Am I the only one who wants more Wish in the classroom?

5 years ago

Personally, I like the premise of Second chance. Mr Grumpy wants a second chance, but on HIS terms. I think it a bit of Karmic justice that he has to try and live a life over where he has to cope with many of life’s injustices as the person being afflicted, not the inflicter.

5 years ago

Hope you go back to Doing Business As eventually. Even if it’s just to finish it in a part 3.

Barbara__ Cox
5 years ago

For what it is worth I would love to see more of ‘doing business as’

Mina Monet
5 years ago

Another chance is definitely a good investment of time and creativity to me! I really want to see what happens next!

5 years ago

keep the mixed up going

5 years ago

Its a same model parent and speard the joy stopped 🙁

James Caras
6 years ago

Please don’t give up on Doing Business As, Sam.
I want to know what happens to Spencer/Selina.

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
Reply to  James Caras
6 years ago

Yeah “Awakenings” aint my favorite either… i want to see more of DBA… that is one of my Favorites….

Reply to  James Caras
5 years ago

Hello, I am very interested to see the evolution of Doing Business As

Hans Gruber
Reply to  James Caras
5 years ago

Second, third and fourth that…!!!

6 years ago

I loved Another Chance!

6 years ago

I want more awekinings

Peter Edwards
6 years ago

I think this proves Doing Business as has far from a lack of interest……perhaps a reconsideration Sam?

Reply to  Peter Edwards
6 years ago

Not necessarily. It could just be that “Doing Business As” has the same amount of people who liked it from the beginning, but the people who don’t like it or don’t care for it just are not speaking up. It is entirely possible that the people who don’t like those animations still outnumber those that do like them. It’s just that the minority is more vocal about their feelings. However, as Sam has pointed out, both “Doing Business As” and “Doing Business As 2” are still two of his least viewed animations since creating this site. That’s where the “lack… Read more »

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
6 years ago

Why are you continuously speaking for the Foxx. Do you think he isn’t capable himself? For me I would like his reaction, definitely not yours.

Reply to  Acacia26
6 years ago

Excuse me. Her reaction.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
5 years ago

Foxx has a point, if she has lost passion for it, it would be like riding a dead horse (will get you know where).

But whatever you want to do Sam thumbs up from me, never miss a day to check in unless i’m sick or gone bush and no mobile reception.. 😉

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
5 years ago

but it is important to know and take into account the opinión of your customers. best regards and keep the good work 😉

6 years ago

I love doing business as

6 years ago

I like Doing Business As. I would like to see it continue. The first episode of Another Chance wasn’t too interesting to me, so I don’t care if it continues.

6 years ago

“Doing Business As” was getting to be pretty good and had a lot of potential. I would vote to continue that series.

6 years ago

I reellt want modelparent up and going again. When I started watching your animation that was my favorite. Therefore I beg you to please make more of Modelparent