Different Perspectives Page 148

By | February 26, 2015

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9 months ago

boy that plant is going to wake up in the morning with one big hangover .

2 years ago

Ha! Party plant is drinking everybody under the planter tonight!

RaNd0Mk1D8o3I: SapphireFoxxSins
5 years ago

Wait, is that Party Plant in disguise? Or a distant friend or cousin of Party Plant? Lol

8 years ago

what kind of dick is mark……..”Here drink this”………. I’d kick him in the balls…….i drink what I WANT……not what someone forces me to drink………….

8 years ago

scarlett is in a serious trouble

James Caras
8 years ago

Chris’ plan has hit its first snag.

8 years ago

When will we see Christina again?

8 years ago

Still finding it hard to believe that Chris hasn’t drank anything before. I was like, 15 when I had my first shot of Whiskey, and it took 3 shots before the buzz kicked in. Hell, a Cosmo is like, nothing at all compared to a shot of whiskey.

Dakotah Barrows
Reply to  Krystalize
8 years ago

I’m we and I still haven’t drank anything so it’s believable

Dakotah Barrows
Reply to  Dakotah Barrows
8 years ago

20 not we
Sorry auto correct