Different Perspectives Page 147

By | February 25, 2015

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3 months ago

chris you’ve planed a drinking contest with mark really . that’s your plan to get mark’s phone away from him well good job . now you’re trying to get him drunk while you stay sober i hope that you can accomplish that .

Shadow Doctrine
7 years ago

Chris has a plan but this can be like a two edge sword. Flirting and drinking can bring out more the Scarlet than Chris. Chris isn’t a drinker therefore a poor thinker and Mark will be fired up then he will sinker her. Poor Mark if his real Scarlet see him now or she get suspicious. Mark will be singing Elvis Presley “Suspicious minds”. Chris is very lucky his mother doesn’t have GPS tracking system on both them. Chris is sitting on stick of dynamite. Yeah Scarlet is definitely gorgeous woman but still Chris’s mums. That’s a no no. What… Read more »

7 years ago

Let’s see if Christina can pull off her plan. I’m wondering how long she’ll be Scarlett. And how long will it be before Scarlet finally takes over, physically, mentally, and emotionally? I think deep down inside, she’s really enjoying being Scarlett. She just won’t admit it to herself. Living in denial. And why is she so mad at herself for kissing “her man” Mark. She’s a girl now, and being a girl means you take everything that goes with it. She’s just doing what a normal woman does, kissing a guy. And he’s her second man that she’s kissed. She… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
7 years ago

Not every girl likes to kiss men 🙂 Some of us still prefer women 🙂

7 years ago

That last panel…!

7 years ago

Panel 4 one of the bubbles are missing the outlined color edge

Reply to  EpicClone5082
7 years ago

its there. purple on black is hard to see

7 years ago

All would be solved if he stopped turning into a girl.

Reply to  MikeEEEEE
7 years ago

but then we wouldnt have a story for this comic to tell…

John Grammaticus
7 years ago

Chris is a goddamn idiot, to our benefit.

7 years ago

I love the expression on scarlett/chris’s face when the cell was buzz’n in panel 6 good job foxx………