Crossfire Page 298

By | September 26, 2022

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2 months ago

small typo in the last panel if and it so close but not interchangeable. Not a bad idea, to send crossfire, I just wish the ship had a larger crew. Or even an armed and armored scout vessel that could be sent. I’m too use to Star Trek where you have a ship with sufficient crew to not impact the mission should anyone get hurt.

2 months ago

oh boy the crossfire crew planning to go to a zinarian top secret space station grand helix . why do i have a feeling that this is going to get bad in a worst way possible . i hope that if they get there they can find the hard evidence that they need.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
2 months ago

I wonder if Temptress would love a chance to get even with her creators at the grand helex.

JD Washington
2 months ago

Oh, Janet can handle herself just fine. She can just use her pheromone Genjutsu to seduce any Zinarian she may encounter in that place. No need for fighting, lol…

Reply to  JD Washington
2 months ago

Unfortunately she is just as affected by the pheromones as the Zinarian and be just as useless.

JD Washington
Reply to  loliver04
2 months ago

She would be the distraction, while the other crew members get the evidence they need.

Though, she may never wanna leave again after that. She would probably stay and have her own Zinarian harem.