Crossfire Page 251

By | August 10, 2022

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7 hours ago

What if Janet on the end change in Zinarian woman

10 hours ago

I get the feeling that Garra isn’t in on the Zinarian conspiracy and would probably be a lot more helpful if the rest of the crew actually gave him half a chance instead of alienating him like this.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
12 hours ago

wanting to be a better parent is one thing but you shouldn’t give up on your duties to those that are relying on you .

Reply to  jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
36 minutes ago

duties come last for Janet.Janet she just loved having children with GARRA.

Cmdr Shepard
21 hours ago

Damn the zinarian’s must not have thought this through enough, when all the other species in the galaxy find out what they are upto with the glumine – there “catastrophic population problem” going to seem like a walk in the park

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Cmdr Shepard
17 hours ago

They were desperate, that they didn’t care one way or the other. lol

21 hours ago

Janet will sleep with Garra and become pregnant in 6 month

Reply to  silvo62
3 minutes ago

for readers maybe weeks at most in story unless there is a time skip.

22 hours ago

As if Gara can’t feel his own hormones. He acted just as much in heat. This is to a point where he can’t be kept in the dark anymore damn the consequences. Not a choice, can’t, his own biology is giving him clear clues to work with.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Spokavriel
17 hours ago

Its better to tell him now, than him finding out months later. lol

22 hours ago

Janet is going to trouble. All she has on her mind is sex . And the Zinarian phomenes with Garra around driving them both to mate will just another card to the disaster. As she stated she has no thought of the mission, only to get sex and become pregnant. She is totally programmed as sex loving baby maker. She can’t wait to get out of the infirmary to fulfill her programmed mission in life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Last edited 22 hours ago by loliver04
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  loliver04
17 hours ago

She’s full bimbo now. There’s no way of fixing that. Its better off if she was sent home to her family, or we’ll gonna end up with her popping out a liter of Zinarians in a few weeks. lol

22 hours ago

well janet is acting more like a teenager instead of an adult . and i don’t blame arianne for being concerned i wonder if arianne will inform the others about her findings .

Hans Gruber
22 hours ago

What is the gestation period before birth with the Zinarians? I suspect that the time-to-birth will be significantly shorter given the Zinarians’ circumstances.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Hans Gruber
17 hours ago

Probably like between 3 months to like 6 weeks, like with most mammals.

But Zinarians are basically lizards, and I don’t know the average gestation period of snakes and lizards.