Crossfire Page 246

By | August 5, 2022

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5 days ago

That has got nothing to do with free will anymore. On both sides. Which is a bit surprising, because why would the Zinarians transformed-by-glumine product be so irresistible to them that it deactivates free will?

5 days ago

Janet and Garra sitting in lust, kissing, Janet will soon be knocked up with Garra’s prodginy.

Reply to  mickayla
5 days ago

Humans and Zinarians are incompatible with each other as stated a few pages back. But yes, things seem to be going in that direction and fast…

Reply to  Kallen
4 days ago

Remember the temptress physically changed Janet, so anything is possible now.

5 days ago

Must be the extended time with glumine

5 days ago

Ummm how about NO creep.
I told ya he was in on this!!

Reply to  TheDarkNeon
5 days ago

Or he is affected by the increased pharamones caused by the Temptess in Jackson/Janet.

Reply to  Nuckles70
5 days ago


5 days ago

Given that Janet was with Angel for at least 5 seconds without flirting with her, I’d guess she’s hit the stops at Stage 6. The question is – are there any further (undocumented) Stages?

Looks like Garra is about to get a full and detailed briefing. So his crewmates won’t need to worry whether to tell him or not. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to give them a debriefing afterwards.

5 days ago

Janet is pheromone central I bet

Reply to  Ichigo
5 days ago



I made you …

Where’s a glass tank when you need one

Last edited 5 days ago by IRememberJR
Reply to  Ichigo
5 days ago

That’s my guess too. The pink Glumine were probably engineered to give their victims the ability to produce pheromones irresistible to Zinarians.

5 days ago

Probably the Glumine side effects that Noreli mentioned the other stages

5 days ago

i think that janet has the hots for garra . i wonder what’s next for janet and garra . boy airanne is absolutely confused by what’s going on between janet and garra wonder how airanne is going to handle the situation .

5 days ago

Might go back to the control thing. Not being more fully informed and Janet still being the commander. There’s not just attractive re-sculpting but also implied increase in power and control over his own situations.

Reply to  Spokavriel
5 days ago

Janet is still on medical leave from command, so she has no authority over the ship or crew right now.

JD Washington
6 days ago

Garra to the other crew members: “I would never be a simp.”

Garra to Janet: “At your service, my queen.”