Different Perspectives Page 347

By | September 12, 2015

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1 year ago

i hope that isabel can bail out chris from his big mistake that he just made. and boy will she have a story to tell alistair later on.

5 years ago

Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? Hmm?

As well you should not! For my ally..is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it. Makes it grow. It’s energy…surrounds us! And binds us!
Luminous beings, are we! Not this crude matter. You must FEEL the Force around you! Between you, me, the tree, the rock. EVERYWHERE!

Yes…even between..the land…and the ship.

Reply to  TheDarkNeon
1 year ago

You want the Impossible

6 years ago

Lol the floating thing is hilarious

6 years ago

I may have fangirled too much when I saw she was lifting a 747

7 years ago

God help us fox is making mems now ???

Mina Monet
8 years ago

lol nice meme. I love you Madam Foxx ^^

8 years ago

Now, a couple direct questions for Sam. First, I love this work and I have only been a member for almost a week; that being said, at what (time/day of the week/time in the month) do you generally post? Secondly, where did you come up with the idea for DP? And thirdly, which animation did you enjoy doing more, BAB or SFS? Finally, which do you think is a bigger hit, the animations BAB and SFS together or DP? I’d be interested to know this, and I have always loved the animations and this comic. I have not yet had… Read more »

RaNd0Mk1D8o3I: SapphireFoxxSins
Reply to  SSJBRiley9001
8 years ago

I can help with the first. He usually posts a little later than 12:30. The other questions, you need to personally ask the Foxx, lol.

8 years ago

I started reading DP last week… I’m all caught up now, and Chris, Christina, Jessica, and Holly, and… not to mention Isabel… have come a long way since the beginning. To think that Chris picked up a V-neck of Jessica’s and transformed at the very beginning, turning this whole issue into a Feminine Fiasco! Then, a few hundred pages since the beginning, he learns he’s a Warlock, as is Jess. This is a very Juicy story.