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JD Washington
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
1 month ago

I wonder if all nine character previews will have these alternate descriptions, since the song only has like five or six verses.

1 month ago

oh boy angel looks cuter than dr. beverly crusher on the star ship enterprise from star trek the next generation .

1 month ago

Angel may take a similar role to Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek (and possibly Dr. Karin Chakwas from Mass Effect). If so, Angel might even do a reference to how McCoy constantly tells Kirk, “I’m a doctor not a [insert name of job that does not involve medical expertise]!”

1 month ago

Although I’m not sure if we will get any characters with concepts of Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect trilogy, I would love to see so (I believe Sam might use concepts of the female Shepard if he does). I can see Ashley and Holly reenacting a scene from Mass Effect 3 for their sex time (specifically the shower scene with female Commander Shepard and Samantha Traynor), but they will do some alterations to have their time be wild than that scene such as probably making themselves bustier and doing so without clothes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chromer
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
1 month ago

I wonder if she will carry herself like Cyrus when she gets TG’d or will she be spared?

1 month ago

Angel is almost reminds me of Lili from Tekken due to her light blonde hair and red & white colors