New Beyond Comic: The Substitute Dance

By | July 22, 2019

With the Beyond comics running for about a month or so, it’s time to introduce the new Beyond series. Different Perspectives: The Substitute Dance!

“Set after Jessica and Holly learn Chris’s secret, but before he met Isabelle, Chris gets himself into yet another sticky situation. Jessica is furious with Chris after he accidentally fractured her leg, and it happens the morning of the Winter Dance! Jessica scored a date with one of the school’s most popular boys, so she isn’t going to let this chance go to waste. Chris will have to go to the dance in her place.”

I always felt that the time period after Jessica found out Chris’s secret was too underdeveloped without much fun happening between those two, so this comic will be an interesting addition. Specifically, this comic will take place after page 289 of the original Different Perspectives.

With The Substitute Dance coming August 5th, this means that Reversed Roommates will run for 35 pages. The Substitute Dance will run for another month, then we’ll have a new Beyond series. If there’s a Beyond comic that you guys really enjoy, we can do a volume two of it for another month.

As for a hint about the third Beyond comic, here’s a hint: It involves a completed animation series.

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18 days 16 hours ago

Where is the new part of this comic? It doesn’t appear

18 days 15 hours ago

“The Substitute Dance” will not actually appear on this website. It will be exclusive to SF Beyond and it will start tomorrow. Sam miscalculated when he made that poster and the Beyond comic will start August 6.

20 days 9 hours ago


27 days 9 hours ago

If you subscribe to beyond do you get all the content that is also on this site? Or is it just the NSFW stuff?

27 days 5 hours ago

Everything that’s on this website is also on SF Beyond.

30 days 11 hours ago

Based on the hint, Is the next comic going to be on makers game. If Hikaru became a girl instead of Nick(i think that’s his name) Or if the threesome continued and didn’t stop?

30 days 11 hours ago

Actually, the hint is that it is based off of a completed animated series. “Maker’s Game” is a comic, not an animated series.

From the descriptions Sam gave to potential upcoming Beyond comics, the next one will either be “Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man” or “Too Good to Interrupt.”

29 days 1 hour ago

Oh my god. I can’t believe I missed that. In that case I’m for more Isabell and Chris with Swap Poker or a follow up story for Halloween switch

1 month 15 hours ago

Any way you could add another alternate form of payment for Beyond? Because it seems it doesn’t accept my bank.

1 month 12 hours ago

Sam is working on adding E-checks as a payment option for SF Beyond. Other than that, the only payment options are credit/debit card or sending cash or a check directly to Sam’s P.O. Box.

If you’re having problems registering your credit or debit card, please email and they can work you through the process. Additionally, you can consult with your bank to see what the problem might be. Sometimes the problem can be that your home address is different from your billing address.

30 days 21 hours ago

Read that there are several others that have problems signing up with Mastercard so that is probably the issue. So I think I’ll have to wait until the E-checks are added, since sending cash to Sam’s P.O. Box every month might be a bit excessive from the other side of the world xD

Tried both my former billing address at my parents and the one where I currently live but that didn’t change anything.
Tried talking with my bank and they said that it must be the card company as they can’t see any problem from their side.

30 days 14 hours ago

You do not have to send cash or a check to Sam’s P.O. Box every month. You could send $60 in one envelope and you would have paid for four months of a SF Beyond subscription.

If the problem could be with your card company, then you might want to reach out to your card company rather than your bank.

In any case, contacting is still the best solution.

27 days 22 hours ago

I am a returning fan and with the new forms of payments looks like I can’t join back up at this time because I was using a Vanilla Visa prepaid visa going to Orbit pay unless I want to mail money. will be interested to see E-check.
But I was reading the comments about MasterCard problems has anyone asked if MasterCard has an adult firewall on them? I know Sam has set up a dummy name so people who read account information does not see it but that does not exclude MasterCard I.T. department.

27 days 12 hours ago

I don’t believe prepaid Visa gift cards work as a payment option on SF Beyond. Only an authentic credit or debit card works (as well as sending cash or a check to Sam’s P.O. Box).

And according to Sam, Mastercards work just as well as any other card. If there happens to be a declined Mastercard payment, then it can be corrected by reaching out to SF Beyond’s support staff.

26 days 8 hours ago

Thank you for the information