Cinder Isle Page 689

By | October 17, 2020

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James Caras
11 days ago

It have been where Alistair is at right now. It is something I’m not proud of.

11 days ago

wow thats a deep story

11 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story, I along with everyone else would be sad if you had done that, always remember you have friends.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
11 days ago

This really breaks my heart.

11 days ago



This got heavy.

12 days ago

Dude, you are currently made of crystal, it doesn’t rot away like a human body. As you can see, you didn’t die. Your fate is to really finish up this mess with your crazed Ex!

Last edited 12 days ago by MtnMan
12 days ago

I’ve had my low and dark times as well. I know the pain and feeling that there is no bright future out there, but i found the light in the end. You’ve come far Sam and created something beautiful. Im sorry you were in so much pain back then, but Im very happy you found the strength to go on.

12 days ago

Sorry you got to that low point, I am glad, for you and your family this didn’t come to pass. It would be selfish to say that I am glad you have been able to create this amount of work you have done, which is, a great escape and so appreciated. Thank you for all the work you’ve done, and so glad to hear you’re happier now.

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
12 days ago

Damn… I wonder why Alistair commtied Suicide… :'(
I hope he’ll not do it again…!

Reply to  Damian Kaiser-Crompton
12 days ago

If Alistair feel very lonely due to losing the loved ones that he cares during in Awakening. He can always visit to have a conversation with Zack, Gaela, Shane, and / or Natalie for ease the pain from been through so much.

“People are not really alone in this world and there’s nothing wrong to get help during rough times.”

Last edited 12 days ago by kenwin07
12 days ago

This page really reflect how much Isabelle is important to Alistair, no longer having to shoulder such heavy burden alone, having someone you can rely on .. It also shows how even the strongest people can think of ending themselves given the right conditions. Great page, great story, powerful message

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Aokishi
11 days ago

It really does.

12 days ago

Is The ending of Cinder Isle tying in with Awakening

Reply to  Thomas
12 days ago

Not in the least I can tell from the secret that just got out in this page.

JD Washington
12 days ago

It’s ok. Getting Into Character can wait, because I cannot fully enjoy the episode anyway while I’m sobbing because of this page, and because of your story, Sam.

Thank you for sharing this, and for everything you’ve done here in Sapphirefoxx. I’ve only been a fan for a year and a quarter, but I can confidently tell that you’ve inspired so many people because of your stories—both the ones you write and your own life-story as well. I’m really glad things turned out very well for you, and I wish you the best for the years to come.

12 days ago

To think that CI happens around when characters from DP were being born/a year old or so(Holly turned 18 in 2014) and there’s all the accomplishments Alistair has yet to achieve, people he cures and offers a better life. Poor fellow must feel such a weight from the actions of his ex to have done it, now he has the guilt of disrupting the lives on CI too. It’s good he met kind people to help him heal and talk about it, like how he has Izzy many years later. Much like The Doctor, I feel like Alistair needs someone,… Read more »

12 days ago

Presumably Alastair, at that point, lost hope that he would never be able to remove all the gender curses from the world. He had been doing it for about 5 centuries at this point and he is pretty much having to do this all alone since his children have already passed away at this point.

It overall proves that Alastair meeting Isabelle didn’t just help Isabelle become a better person, it helped Alastair as well.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Chromer
11 days ago

It really did

12 days ago

I think Alistair have found faith in humanity thanks to these 4 exceptions (Zack, Gaela, Shane, and Natalie)

“It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear their pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope. Alistair, we need you to hope again.”

Last edited 12 days ago by kenwin07