Cinder Isle Page 408

By | January 10, 2020

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6 months ago

“I’m glad you’re branching out and starting to embrace being a girl more.” You could call it that. I call it the virus controlling Zoey’s mind, since the comic established that the virus can affect the mind by making a person bisexual and more promiscuous (like more willing to flirt and wear skimpier and sexier clothing, like say lacy skimpy bras like the ones Zoey was trying on). Elaine saying that Zoey buying sexy lacy bras is embracing being a girl more bothers me, as if how much of a girl or woman you are is dependent on how feminine… Read more »

6 months ago

I wonder how the news of moms new bra size will hit Heather? it’s bad enough that Zoey is bigger but this will push her over the edge.

6 months ago

At panel 1 – Zoey and Elaine having fun at mother and daughter time

6 months ago

Oh if Heather hears about her mother’s new size, she will try to get infected to keep up with her mothers and sister

JD Washington
6 months ago

36B to 32F? Nice.
Why did the band size decrease though? Is it just what the virus wants? Maybe it’s because an F cup with the same band size (36F) is already too big even for her. Idk..

Reply to  JD Washington
6 months ago

The virus does make them skinnier.

(Though really that’s not actually a huge amount of growth. 32D and 36B are sister sizes, same volume, so assuming the ribcage shrunk, 32D to 32F is only two or three cup sizes depending on whether we’re talking US or UK sizes. So like…growing out 1-1.5 inches?)

(Although I think it’s also implied that since this is the 90s everyone is wearing the wrong size bra).

JD Washington
Reply to  yumei
6 months ago

Wow, bra sizes are more complicated than I initially thought. No wonder even the women who wear bras every day struggle with the sizing as well.

And yeah, making Elaine skinnier is something that the virus would do.

6 months ago

I guess Zoey is starting to enjoy being a girl

6 months ago

Man zoey definitely has gotten some character development during her journey becoming a girl

6 months ago

It’s been one hell of a journey seeing her growth to where she was when she first fully transformed, but it’s nice to see her taking slow steps and not just embracing it all at once. Would be a lot to take in if it ever happened to one of us. Also, I assume this will be the longest comic to date on site since we’re close to passing Maker’s Game for length and we’ve not even been hinted at a date, title, artwork, description, anything for the next one. Not that I mind even in the slightest. Has been… Read more »