Cinder Isle Page 407

By | January 9, 2020

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The Emerald Panther
6 months ago

Am I the only one to notice that Zoey’s outfit in panel 2 looks a lot like the Sweet Dreams Girl in Awakening 6?
Heather will be very jealous if not envious of Zoey.
Zoey looks amazing in all of them, especially in white and black.
Gavin would likely faint if he saw Zoey like this.
Heather will probably “borrow” some of Zoey’s bras and panties after she finds out.
Zoey won’t be able to deny it now.

6 months ago

Sigh, Damon won’t end up a girl unless Robin and Riley can enlist the help of a sorcerer. I REALLY don’t want either of them bearing Damon’s child, not unless he reforms BIG TIME!! Truth is, we need a reason to reform. That comes from believing we get judged at the end of this life. You really can’t change much in the next one.

6 months ago

Are those animations or comics?

Paul Sell
Reply to  mickayla
6 months ago

“Girls Night Out Vol. 2” will be a comic exclusive to SF Beyond. It is a sequel to the previous “Girls Night Out,” which are both alternate takes on “Halloween Switch.”

6 months ago

I wonder how Heather will react to seeing Zoey’s new underwear.

6 months ago

It’s quite obvious that Zoey still has a crush on Gavin and she looks great in black lingerie

JD Washington
6 months ago

Oh please Zoey, why would you worry about Gavin seeing you wear that? You already saw each other naked. Nothing can get worse, or better, than that.

6 months ago

This is so HOT 😍