Cinder Isle Page 272

By | August 27, 2019

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Bennett LeLacques
1 month ago

Got a very painful and upsetting question.
Zoey has clearly decided to ‘take the plunge’ and accept her woman-hood. With poor grace, initially, but making the effort.
Will there be any discussion about former-men who go the other way?
I realize that this comic is TG-oriented and the audience expectations center on “everyone will come around eventually”, but that leads to the idea that the virus itself is even more controlling than it seems up to this point.
How many former males fight the virus’ reprogramming to the last, literally?

JD Washington
10 months ago

Should I assume that this page also had problems with exporting, since it’s only 2250×4000?

10 months ago

I mean zach has been wearing nail polish this entire time…

James Caras
10 months ago

Why do I have the feeling that Zoey has an ulterior motive ?

Reply to  James Caras
2 months ago

Not sure; these comics have the most suspicious commenters I’ve ever seen.

That said they’re right half the time, maybe she does.

The Emerald Panther
10 months ago

Zoey’s heading into uncharted waters.
Page E has arrived.
One more day till the Super Bowl XXXI in comic time.
I like how the date and the day number are both shown together.

10 months ago

Zoey, dont give in! You were doing so well! Ah well, at least she’ll look beautiful

Mina Monet
10 months ago

Oh my my my!

10 months ago


Damian Kaiser-Crompton
10 months ago

finally it seems that zoey has accepted that she is a woman permenant!

10 months ago

you just made your mom happy to want to be able to do something so personal with you ,Zoey sweetie.

10 months ago

That’s hilarious. She has one big feminine experience and now she wants to embrace girlhood full-blown. Methinks she wants to look good for Gavin. I love it!

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Enemyoffun
10 months ago

Can’t wait!

10 months ago

Yay, I want to see Zoey with makeup again X3

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  IronmanMK265
10 months ago

me too!

10 months ago

Elaine is very excited to teach her new daughter of makeup

Reply to  kenwin07
10 months ago

Mother and daughter moment!

10 months ago

after Zoey finally feel what orgasm as a girl feel she is gonna fall deeper and deeper into feminity
so it’s a matter of hours-days before Heather will have the sister she always wished to have

Brooke Noelle
10 months ago