Earning Those Tips

“Phillip is a down on his luck guy looking for work. While eating at ‘Toocans,’ he realizes how much the good looking girls are making. Too bad it wouldn’t be possible for him to do it… Well, there’s a new product on the market called ‘Sili-Gel.’ It causes swelling for six hours at a time, ideal for building… Read More »

Halloween’s Game

“Chris and his sisters are always up to magic, hijinx, and transformations, especially on one Halloween night when they start turning into each other.”

Halloween’s Switch

“Robin and his girlfriend, Riley, are aiming to win the $3000 prize for the couple’s Halloween costume contest at their college. She has an idea for an awesome costume set for a couple, but Robin isn’t going to like it. Her plan? She will dress up as the man, and he will dress up as the woman.”


“The cast of Different Perspectives makes their return, this time in animated form. Set in the summer after DP ended, during the events of Fractured, what trouble will Chris, Jessica, Christina, Holly, and Isabelle get into?”

My Apprentice

“Continuing where ‘Too Good To Put Down’ left off, Isabelle’s journey begins as she seeks to track down the elusive Fox. Will she find him? Even if she does, what makes her think the Fox would be willing to take her as his apprentice? Isabelle may only find trouble down the foxhole.”

Stars Bars and Stripes

“Mason is a convict who takes part in a jailbreak out of a Louisiana penitentiary. Each of the escapees have their own plan on how to run away and hide from the law, but Mason has his own ‘unorthodox’ method.”

Stealing From Sis

“A brother makes a big mistake when he decides to steal from his sister, especially when she has an evil relic guarding her stuff.” -SapphireFoxx, November 16, 2012