Halloween’s Game

By | October 27, 2017

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100 Comments on "Halloween’s Game"

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6 days 21 hours ago


10 days 6 hours ago

This is a funny set up

12 days 18 hours ago

Hey Sam, where’s the newest animation?

18 days 7 hours ago

I have to agree, this could be a funny mini series.

18 days 11 hours ago

Would love to see that as a mini series

18 days 19 hours ago

I love jessica’s new size!
Also, scarlett joining the crew to the party costumed would be great.

20 days 5 hours ago

Looks like somone has a celebrity cruch on jessica niri

20 days 5 hours ago

Crush* Nigri*

20 days 7 hours ago

Hahahahah, this was hilarious!

20 days 12 hours ago

Am I hearing things or did Izzy’s voice sounded a bit higher than usual?

20 days 12 hours ago

People’s voices can change.

20 days 21 hours ago

A little tired of this crew

20 days 11 hours ago

Can you explain why?

21 days 2 hours ago

This was super fun! I loved the “Halloween Hijinx” approach!

21 days 10 hours ago

Please do a mini series

21 days 11 hours ago

i need more of this. more of this kinda stuff!

21 days 18 hours ago

This was so good the humor and everything

22 days 10 hours ago

I think this is the most I have laughed from your work since I first found you on DA years ago. Great video Sam! Is there going to be a part 2?

21 days 19 hours ago

Yes. I was going to say the same thing. I have watched every single thing you have produced and this is BY FAR the funniest. Please, PLEASE turn this into a series. I think you could easily get at least two more episodes out of it. One at the party and one afterwards.