Perfect Maid


  • The Body Builder

  • A Big Popsicle

  • A New Uniform

  • You Take It, You Wear It

“A guys orders a ‘perfect maid’ to make his roommate jealous. Although he never bothered to find out what a perfect maid even is. In the end, his roommate will be anything but jealous.”

Here’s a steamy new commission. I love the sexy little vixen that come out of this animation, and I think she rivals Mariah’s sexiness. As for the transformation, I’ve been putting in more effort to make the morphing smoother, and I think the results were worth the extra work.

16 thoughts on “Perfect Maid

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    this one is fun. you get to see the classic mens jersey get converted to the womens jersey then get converted to the maids outfit. Some of the close shots, including the butt are guilty pleasures.

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