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By | January 6, 2018

After the poll from last fall, I have been moving forward with creating the second website that has uncensored content. The logistics and man-hours that goes into creating a second site and uncensoring years worth of content has been taking quite a bit of time. I would like this second website to go live by Valentine’s Day, but I can’t yet confirm that it will be ready by then.

If there was a second type of subscription for $15 per month that had uncensored content, would you upgrade to it?

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Here’s some more details about the new website:


Exclusive Comics

There will be 10 exclusive X-rated comic pages per month in addition to the new page a day that comes out normally.

  • The amount might get raised to 15 pages per month if a certain monthly subscriber amount is met.
  • These comics will be short, lasting only one month and will be 10 pages long (15 if the subscriber goal is met).
  • The X-rated comics will mostly feature existing characters in crossovers, what-if scenarios, expanded stories, and alternate endings. Such as:
    • Shifting Roommates if Scott became a woman instead of Jamie
    • Mariah and Jennifer crossover and sex scene
    • Mommy Makeover continued
    • Ashes to Ashes if Gwen was Ash’s girlfriend (involving her changing FTM)
  • These comics will be non-canon. Nothing that happens in them will effect other stories.
  • The X-rated comics will focus more on transformations and sex rather than story.


Subscription Discounts

While I can’t offer monthly discounts on the normal site due to the small payment amount of only $5, I can offer discounts on the new site. You can still cancel at anytime on any option.

  • 1 Month Payment: $14.99 per month
  • 3 Month Payment: $13.99 per month (Save $12.00 per year)
  • 6 Month Payment: $12.99 per month (Save $24.00 per year)
  • 12 Month Payment: $12.49 per month (Save $30.00 per year)


Uncensored Content

There’s a lot of existing animations and comics to uncensor. I’ve identified 39 existing animations that would get an uncensored version, and 330 comic pages (not including Godmother).

  • Shifting Roommates has 61 pages to uncensor, Different Perspectives has 103, Fractured has 57, and Maker’s Game has 109.
  • When the site goes live, there’s a chance that not all of that uncensored content will be finished. I won’t have the site goes live unless over 50% of all existing content is finished with the uncensoring process. Also, I’ll aim to finish uncensoring all the old content within the first month of the new site launching.
  • I’ve been uncensoring content in order from newest to oldest, but I can have more popular animations move ahead in line.
  • There might be other animations or comic pages that could get uncensored that I’ve missed. I’m open to suggestions.
  • If people are willing to be more patient, I could spend extra time to add more shots to existing sex scenes and make the animations longer.

Here’s the list of existing animations I’ve identified to uncensor, in order from newest to oldest:

1. Undercover Agent 5
2. Awakening 6
3. Two Sexy Errors 2
4. Undercover Agent 4
5. Getting Into Character 5
6. Two Sexy Errors 1
7. Ashes to Ashes 1
8. Undercover Agent 2
9. Mommy Makeover
10. Matchmaker 11
11. Undercover Agent 1
12. Earning Those Tips 9

13. Matchmaker 10
14. The Mavericks
15. Widow’s Web
16. Doing Business As 7
17. Doing Business As 6
18. Matchmaker 4
19. Matchmaker 2
20. Beauty of the Sea?
21. Halloween Switch 9
22. Stealing From Sis Anniversary
23. Earning Those Tips 1
24. Halloween Switch 6
25. Another Chance
26. Becoming A Bridesmaid 13

27. Becoming A Bridesmaid 12
28. Becoming A Bridesmaid 11
29. Halloween Switch 2
30. Becoming A Bridesmaid 10
31. Too Good To Put Down 3
32. Halloween Switch 1
33. Stealing From Sis 16
34. Stealing From Sis 15
35. Too Good To Put Down 2
36. Stealing From Sis 14
37. Too Good To Put Down 1
38. One Sexy Error
39. Becoming A Bridesmaid 1

That should just about sum it up. I’d like to post some previews of what has already been finished, but I can’t post them on this site.

Once again, I would like the reiterate that the existing website and subscriptions would not change. You’d still be getting the same content and the same amount of content.

Godmother Cover Page

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12 days 11 hours ago

Hay, I’m writing this on April 9th, does anyone know If the new sight is up yet?

12 days 10 hours ago

The uncensored website is not up at this time. From the comments that have been posted, it sounds like the uncensored site will not be ready for several more months, It’s possible it won’t be ready until 2019.

12 days 23 hours ago

hope we get a update soon about the uncensored wedsite

12 days 22 hours ago

There’s a comment on the front page of this website that seems to explain what is going on with the uncensored website. The short version of it is that the uncensored site is months behind schedule and they are having a lot of legal and technical problems with it. The comment also implies that the uncensored website will most likely not be ready for another 10 months, saying it probably won’t be available any time this year.

12 days 8 hours ago

where is the comment you speak of i dont see it

12 days 4 hours ago

It’s a comment by Forward58 on the front page of the website.

17 days 6 hours ago

please make you dont need them full version of it plz i beg of you

17 days 15 hours ago

is it out jet ?

17 days 7 hours ago

If the comment on the front page of this website is to be believed, then the uncensored website is having a lot of legal and technical problems right now, and probably won’t be ready this year.

20 days 8 hours ago

The tension of waiting for an update is almost unbearable.

21 days 2 hours ago

I hope word when the uncensored website come out

23 days 3 hours ago

can we have an official word on the new website on its status? because I am waiting to renew my subscription because of this

24 days 47 minutes ago

Can’t wait for the new site

26 days 4 hours ago

Let’s mix it up. Make sexy, sexier….

26 days 5 hours ago

any follow up to this?

26 days 11 hours ago

good point

26 days 17 hours ago

Hey Sam and staff…. INstead of a whole new site, which seems to be a problem, why not just offer uncensored downloads through a Foxx store of sorts?

1 month 15 hours ago

Is there any update on the website? I’m still here waiting and beyond excited. I also have a suggestion for a short comic, an alternate ending to Makers Game.

1 month 7 hours ago

interesting whats your alternate ending i must know

30 days 8 hours ago

Ok Russel has won in getting out of the game world and he experiences sex for the first time as a woman

1 month 5 days ago

I have enjoyed this website just the way it is since the beginning. I see from the statistics that a large number of people want more adult rated content, and, I guess that as a business you have to give customers what they want. Just wanted to let you know that offering more adult content will not make me cancel my subscription even thought it is not something that I am interested in. Things are just fine as they are.

1 month 7 days ago

I am in the publishing business. This is going to be porn, and porn is something you have to be very careful about putting out. You can easily get busted for the slightest reference to a character being under 18. Safeguards have to be put in place to keep out minors, etc, etc. If it was me- I would create an 18th birthday party scene for every character before they removed so much as a hair ribbon. This will take time.