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By | January 6, 2018

After the poll from last fall, I have been moving forward with creating the second website that has uncensored content. The logistics and man-hours that goes into creating a second site and uncensoring years worth of content has been taking quite a bit of time. I would like this second website to go live by Valentine’s Day, but I can’t yet confirm that it will be ready by then.

If there was a second type of subscription for $15 per month that had uncensored content, would you upgrade to it?

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Here’s some more details about the new website:


Exclusive Comics

There will be 10 exclusive X-rated comic pages per month in addition to the new page a day that comes out normally.

  • The amount might get raised to 15 pages per month if a certain monthly subscriber amount is met.
  • These comics will be short, lasting only one month and will be 10 pages long (15 if the subscriber goal is met).
  • The X-rated comics will mostly feature existing characters in crossovers, what-if scenarios, expanded stories, and alternate endings. Such as:
    • Shifting Roommates if Scott became a woman instead of Jamie
    • Mariah and Jennifer crossover and sex scene
    • Mommy Makeover continued
    • Ashes to Ashes if Gwen was Ash’s girlfriend (involving her changing FTM)
  • These comics will be non-canon. Nothing that happens in them will effect other stories.
  • The X-rated comics will focus more on transformations and sex rather than story.


Subscription Discounts

While I can’t offer monthly discounts on the normal site due to the small payment amount of only $5, I can offer discounts on the new site. You can still cancel at anytime on any option.

  • 1 Month Payment: $14.99 per month
  • 3 Month Payment: $13.99 per month (Save $12.00 per year)
  • 6 Month Payment: $12.99 per month (Save $24.00 per year)
  • 12 Month Payment: $12.49 per month (Save $30.00 per year)


Uncensored Content

There’s a lot of existing animations and comics to uncensor. I’ve identified 39 existing animations that would get an uncensored version, and 330 comic pages (not including Godmother).

  • Shifting Roommates has 61 pages to uncensor, Different Perspectives has 103, Fractured has 57, and Maker’s Game has 109.
  • When the site goes live, there’s a chance that not all of that uncensored content will be finished. I won’t have the site goes live unless over 50% of all existing content is finished with the uncensoring process. Also, I’ll aim to finish uncensoring all the old content within the first month of the new site launching.
  • I’ve been uncensoring content in order from newest to oldest, but I can have more popular animations move ahead in line.
  • There might be other animations or comic pages that could get uncensored that I’ve missed. I’m open to suggestions.
  • If people are willing to be more patient, I could spend extra time to add more shots to existing sex scenes and make the animations longer.

Here’s the list of existing animations I’ve identified to uncensor, in order from newest to oldest:

1. Undercover Agent 5
2. Awakening 6
3. Two Sexy Errors 2
4. Undercover Agent 4
5. Getting Into Character 5
6. Two Sexy Errors 1
7. Ashes to Ashes 1
8. Undercover Agent 2
9. Mommy Makeover
10. Matchmaker 11
11. Undercover Agent 1
12. Earning Those Tips 9

13. Matchmaker 10
14. The Mavericks
15. Widow’s Web
16. Doing Business As 7
17. Doing Business As 6
18. Matchmaker 4
19. Matchmaker 2
20. Beauty of the Sea?
21. Halloween Switch 9
22. Stealing From Sis Anniversary
23. Earning Those Tips 1
24. Halloween Switch 6
25. Another Chance
26. Becoming A Bridesmaid 13

27. Becoming A Bridesmaid 12
28. Becoming A Bridesmaid 11
29. Halloween Switch 2
30. Becoming A Bridesmaid 10
31. Too Good To Put Down 3
32. Halloween Switch 1
33. Stealing From Sis 16
34. Stealing From Sis 15
35. Too Good To Put Down 2
36. Stealing From Sis 14
37. Too Good To Put Down 1
38. One Sexy Error
39. Becoming A Bridesmaid 1

That should just about sum it up. I’d like to post some previews of what has already been finished, but I can’t post them on this site.

Once again, I would like the reiterate that the existing website and subscriptions would not change. You’d still be getting the same content and the same amount of content.

Godmother Cover Page

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1 hour 56 minutes ago

rest in peace you dont need them

1 hour 50 minutes ago

Sam has said that the full uncensored version of “You Don’t Need Them” will go up on the uncensored website.

57 minutes 46 seconds ago


12 hours 24 minutes ago

Just a question will the sub for the unconcerned cover both sites?

14 hours 57 minutes ago

Sounds great ! I am looking forward to it !!!

1 day 18 hours ago

Great. Just Let me Know when the Site is ready !!! waitng so long for this moment ***so lucky

if they do not forget to us European with it the payment also smoothly runs off

here my Tipp*

Select Payment Method

OrbitalPay Pay by credit card
Verotel FlexPay Pay by credit card


1 day 18 hours ago

12 Month Payment: $12.49 per month (Save $30.00 per year)
i am ok , when will start ???

2 days 5 hours ago

this is getting really exciting

2 days 18 hours ago

Matchmaker 4 uncensored? Does mean we will see Scarlett naked? Also is there a way to pay one month at a time I don’t have money enough for 15 dollars per month

2 days 15 hours ago

You can pay for one month at a time, but it would still cost you 15 dollars every time you want to see that content for another month. To be fair though, it sounds like any other payment option is a one-time payment too. If you wanted to do 12 months, it would be a one-time payment of $149.88. You’d immediately pay nearly 150 bucks, but you wouldn’t have to pay for anything else on the site for a year.

2 days 4 hours ago

I see maybe I should wait to I get a job, Or get some more money, I been using alot to buy rare yu gi oh cards on ebay

4 days 15 hours ago

Great. Just Let me Know when the Site is ready so I can Shove my Money in your Face XD

6 days 17 hours ago

I understand those who don’t want to triple what they pay per month. Monetary reasons can go from “It won’t fit in my budget for those living on a shoestring, to “I have the money but no desire to see smut.”

7 days 1 hour ago

One question: would you have to be paying for both subscriptions or the uncensored one will have the basic one included? I.e. if I get the uncensored sub, will I still have access to regular stuff you make?

3 days 22 hours ago

The term “upgrade” suggests that the uncensored content would be included in the price. In other words, we are talking (at the margin) about $10, not $15.

11 days 2 hours ago

Sun in the Sun should be another animation to be uncensored.

Anyway $15 is too spicy for me. I might be able to squeeze for $10. Maybe do a poll on what price people are willing to pay?

11 days 45 minutes ago

Sam already did a poll asking people what they’d be willing to pay. More than 2,400 people said they’d be willing to pay $15 a month for uncensored content.

9 days 18 hours ago

yea that may be so but almost 3500 say that $15 is too high, I would go at high as $10 maybe.

8 days 10 hours ago

The number of people who are not willing or able to pay $15 is not the driving force for Sam to offer or not offer a uncensored website. This is economics 101, Sam as a business person cares about how many people are willing to pay $15 for the uncensored site and if that number meets Sams personal objective for profit then Sam would elect to offer the site. 2400 people @ $15 is $36K before taxes and salaries. if that was enough to make it a profitable venture then Sam has every right to offer it at that price.… Read more »

3 days 22 hours ago

Based on my reading of the original post, the term used was “upgrade” so it isn’t that you are paying $15 more but really you are only paying $10 more than you already are, if you are already a subscriber. This means that the marginal revenue is 2400 @ $10 (the $15 rate less the $5 already paid by subscribers) = $24K, not $36K. That means that in order to maximize profit (the actual goal of businesses from the business owner’s perspective), at least an addition 2400 out of the 3600 not already committed would have to be willing to… Read more »

9 days 14 hours ago

Also, those 3,500 people who said “No” could have said that for a million different reasons. Maybe they were just completely against the idea of an uncensored website from the beginning. You don’t know that everyone who said “No” said that because of the price.

9 days 15 hours ago

Like Sam mentioned back in the last blog post, the number of people who say “No” in that poll doesn’t matter nearly as much those who say “Yes.” The fact that over 2,400 people said “Yes” is more than enough justification to make the subscription 15 dollars a month.

12 days 6 hours ago

I’d pay extra to access the “what if” sexual scenarios. But I wouldn’t want the original stories to disappear.

12 days 9 hours ago

I love the site just the way it is, but if Sam feels the need/want to explore this avenue, then I will gladly pay the fifteen for the new site as well, She is an artist, and this career isn’t a cheap path, I have been supporting her and all of the sites since she began, and will continue to do so. To me, it isn’t about the (extra), it is about supporting an artist and storyteller, and the team.

12 days 9 hours ago

Sam is a he, not a she.

6 days 17 hours ago

Yes, He decided to stop transitioning altogether.

12 days 18 hours ago

not forget You Don’t Need Them uncensur version !!!! i love it total for years

12 days 21 hours ago

Sorry! That does not really belong here, but did the monthly prices go from $ 5 to $ 10? The 3rd request to the support is still without an answer. Was unlocked for $ 30 only 3 months. greetings from Germany