Two Sexy Errors Episode 8

By | April 7, 2019

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8 months ago

When is the next episode of Two sexy errors coming out?

JD Washington
Reply to  Trose0928
8 months ago

The series finale aired 2 days ago, so no more.

1 year ago

The animation continues to improve, and the stories are excellent.

The Emerald Panther
1 year ago

Love the Intro and Outro scenes.
For Ryder to even consider giving up his life for money shows what kind of person he is; plus 6 to 8 million dollars won’t last very long on a rich lifestyle.

1 year ago

I think Ryder changed his tune a little too quickly over what Miles said. I know they care about each other and what not but getting back together would not be good at this point. Ryder is too far gone, even if he regrets his actions hes been sleeping with any good looking man he can find. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Best thing for both of them is to move on. Shame they cant get their original bodies back. But surely they can recreate them through photos and what not, right?

1 year ago

A brain transplant one shot please, Pretty please

1 year ago

Sounds too simple . Just take the huge payday and stay the way U R !!!!
I would do it in a second, but I would most likely be a lesbian …

1 year ago

Lip-sync was pretty good this episode, but I feel like the walking animation suffered a little bit.

James Caras
1 year ago

Can you say airheads ? I knew you could.

1 year ago

Not playing. Is there a server problem?

1 year ago

I hope those bigoted scumbags responsible are wallowing in abject misery.

James Caras
Reply to  varcolac352
1 year ago

My parents do and say things I don’t agree with but I still love them.
Miles’/Mila’s parents are an exception to the rule.

D The Weeb
Reply to  varcolac352
3 months ago

While what happened to them is hilarious, what happened to them is cruel and unusual punishment.

1 year ago

Love the new intro logo animation!!

1 year ago

I just noticed after watching it a few times, that both of their lawyers have pretty hefty stomachs.

Mina Monet
1 year ago

Nice new logo you got there..

1 year ago

Wait miles is a real women! did I miss something?

Heather Rose
1 year ago

Love the new opening clip of Sapphire Foxx Logo, and at the end of TSE8 woried of getting Preggers Oops