Too Good To Put Down 5

By | May 30, 2015

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Tovarishch Emma
1 year ago

Male Isabelle is hot.

1 year ago

Who voiced Male Isabelle (Isaac) in this?

4 years ago

Yknow I just realized something. We’ve never been given an arcane alphabet to learn. I mean I know you made it so that normal humans could never understand but clearly YOU know where and what to put down.

Maybe a bonus content page for this in the future?

4 years ago

I started to wonder – are the blue strands of Izzy’s hair something she was born with or is that something she does on her hair by herself (whew, that’s a lot of hair in one sentence ;))

Reply to  robi2009
3 years ago

I dunno but she is a blue/sapphire witch?

5 years ago

Isabelle is pretty rapey in this chapter.

5 years ago

To sum up the chapter: “Ut-oh!” Poor Isabelle.

6 years ago

Nice ending !! I absolutely love that !!

Reply to  Keldy10
5 years ago

Me too :3 :D. that was soo AWESOME!!!!! . Want to be friends ? 😀 .

6 years ago

Love the Music. What is it?

Reply to  Sann
6 years ago

instrumental to “Where Them Girls at” well, may be a remix, but thats where i recognize it.

6 years ago

Can’t wait for the conclusion 😡

6 years ago

Wonder what the fox will do.
Great song choice

6 years ago

Seems like there are a lot of lessons which are going to be learned soon.

6 years ago

Hey Sam, as I understand, you voice the Fox, who has been established as male. With your transition, could that be incorporated into the “Awakening” story in some way? Or are you and the Fox staying as separate individuals, just sharing a voice?

Reply to  agobda
6 years ago

You also need to keep in mind a transition happens in a year or so. That leaves plenty of time for the awakening series to be complete, and Samantha enough time to change the Foxxes voice if she wants to

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

Foxx punishing a sorcerer that would be interesting.

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

Subtitles are out of sync

Mina Monet
6 years ago

Concluded? This looks like it was just beginning.. but oh well.. anyway it looks like they’re becoming a couple again which is kinda nice and kinda cute.