’s First Employee: TheTGArtist

By | January 29, 2014

The success of the subscriptions has been going very well for the last few months, but I’ve been working nonstop overtime to keep up with my goals. Between managing the website, making a comic page everyday, and the animations, I’ve been working myself into the ground.

TheTGArtistID1That’s why I’m happy to announce that the business has grown enough for me to hire my first full time employee, TheTGArtist! I’m so glad to have her on board to help me in creating new content for the site.

You’ll be seeing her work as soon as tomorrow when the next Shifting Roommates page is released on the site. I couldn’t be happier to have such a talented and hard working person to be helping me out now! =D

Updates to the Site: New Help Section
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10 years ago

When is the next animation coming out and what is it.

10 years ago

Looking forward to the finish product (heck even a team up with SF and TGArtist) of that Tifa transformation you worked on hard on long ago πŸ˜‰

Reply to  ultimacj
10 years ago

I’m waiting for the end result of that one as well. I was really looking forward to it.

10 years ago

Please let me know how can I watch your work in full screen view, and pause when i want to. Thanks and kisses!!

10 years ago

Well , id’ say you found a great market. Glad to hear of your success!

10 years ago

Yay Gemma!

10 years ago

Shweet. But won’t Spawnfan need a check soon now? πŸ™‚

Reply to  Nssheepster
10 years ago

I’m only reposting things I’ve already done on DA, and Get in the Game while exclusive here is entirely my idea. I’m not working for Foxx so much as just helping him . Plus I think the animation for Crossplay is payment enough. πŸ™‚

10 years ago

must not be that same tgartist as that paperbag for a head guy

10 years ago

More than awesome news, Metroid infection is my absolute fave transformation vid.. w00t!!