The Heist 2

By | July 17, 2017

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66 Comments on "The Heist 2"

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Profile photo of Kayla H.
17 hours 17 minutes ago

That’s freakin awesome! 💖✌

Profile photo of KNote72
5 days 13 hours ago

2:16 OMG someone else remembers classic RvB!

Profile photo of Juliet
18 days 11 hours ago

do you play cardfight vanguard bcuz all these names sounds like you do with dragonic OVERLORD and eradicator TEMPEST bolt dragon and of course the name of the game being VANGUARD

Profile photo of Typewriter17
20 days 19 hours ago

Your blurb on the comic page says “The King’s Heirs” is out. It’s not on the login page or the link to the latest animation 🙁

Profile photo of MsBlasianlady
21 days 17 hours ago

Love the video sooo into it love it

Profile photo of ztango
22 days 44 minutes ago

I’m only getting audio. No picture…

Profile photo of WhompMaster17
23 days 12 hours ago

Lost it with not-Grif and Simmons. That was an unbelievablely fantastic, out of nowhere reference

Profile photo of Timelord895
26 days 7 hours ago

Seriously rvb reference never thought I’d see that

Profile photo of coredumperror
27 days 3 hours ago

Yikes, that was a brutal fight!

Profile photo of shiftmagus
28 days 9 hours ago

Well done! Good RvB reference

Profile photo of pragmatist
28 days 20 hours ago

Izzy had it coming.

Profile photo of Sapphirefoxxfan90
29 days 6 hours ago

How many magic archetypes do we have?
Now we adding silver to the mix?

Profile photo of Jack
29 days 12 hours ago

7:06 Looks like she’s gonna have a bad time

Profile photo of Hector Arrazola
29 days 13 hours ago

Nice red vs blue reference

Profile photo of Autumn Thriller
29 days 16 hours ago

I hope that’s a head tip to RvsB rather than just plagiarism 😀

Profile photo of TheAlpha
29 days 15 hours ago

RVB for the win love Grif and Simmons