Stars, Bars, and Stripes – Episode 6

By | March 17, 2019

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29 Comments on "Stars, Bars, and Stripes – Episode 6"

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2 hours 50 minutes ago

would have been nice to know he was planing on keeping the family jewel. other then that nice job

4 hours 11 minutes ago

the romance between those two are heating up sf should keeping series going I like this I only daisy as full grown woman like it

4 hours 39 minutes ago

Nice continuation of the story. Didn’t think we’d see Connor going the route as well, even only temporarily. Doesn’t look half bad. Still an interesting choice to leave us on a cliffhanger like that, just like in the Awakening series coming up next. Makes the wait all the better to look forward to it even more. Love it. Great work as always.

So hype for my favorite series coming up next.

11 hours 52 minutes ago

I love the panties that Daisy gave Connor!!! Just like the ones in getting into character they are my absolute fav and hope to see more

18 hours 51 minutes ago

Fucking cliffhanger!

18 hours 57 minutes ago

Thats wonderful to hear about the uncensored site! If you can say something about it, what video would be the first to display on that site?

19 hours 55 minutes ago

So what ever happen to the cat?

20 hours 7 minutes ago

very hot cant wait for the uncensored site to come out . Also like the twist with daisy being a she-male and not a full woman

15 hours 19 minutes ago

What twist? Nothing ever alluded to them being removed.

20 hours 53 minutes ago

ha I thought Dasiy had her man parts removed, I geuss I was wrong

21 hours 51 minutes ago

Not for me. I ain’t gonna have sex with someone who also sports a dick and balls. With clothes and hormones, I can be fooled, but not forever.

22 hours 39 minutes ago

Love Daisy’s bra and panty set print. Also, love that there is a lady representative of me and my lifestyle.

1 day 27 minutes ago

Which ending would you want for Stars, Bars, and Stripes? OKAY EVERY ONE THE MOMENT OF TRUTH IS HERE! STAY TUNED

1 day 47 minutes ago

Will Connor return to manhood…. Stay tuned.

1 day 49 minutes ago

When did Daisy get the forms, she went from socks to surgery right?

1 day 56 minutes ago

The first part without words and just the song, really set the tone. Interesting way to begin.