Stars, Bars, and Stripes – Episode 1

By | November 27, 2017

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163 Comments on "Stars, Bars, and Stripes – Episode 1"

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1 day 20 hours ago


6 days 8 hours ago

I hope mason’s breasts grow some more to attract those officers haha

6 days 14 hours ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if Mason had a college degree.

6 days 21 hours ago

Little mishap: The wig “magically” re-appeared on the base at the end of the chapter.

6 days 21 hours ago

there is a bit of a glitch at the 7 minute mark with the legs

6 days 22 hours ago

I always love your stories!!!

11 days 6 hours ago

And litle witches

11 days 9 hours ago

Clarify a few things here for new viewers:
-no the cat is not Xavier. They’re clearly not the same size or fur.
-before you bash Eva’s voice, the actress IS Austrailian born. It’s almost like different people born in the same place can have different accent and tones. But that can’t be right? :p
– no the place is not magic. The wig and corset appearing again was an animation hiccup. This series is fully non-magic even though we have a cameo from one CHANGED by magic. It worked for Doing Business As and it’ll work out here too.

7 days 23 hours ago

if this is a non-magic animation why did his hips and butt grow when he put the course a dog that’s not normal will you put a corset on

12 days 6 hours ago

Ive seen that cat before… 😉

12 days 17 hours ago

Wow! So far so good!

12 days 21 hours ago

Interesting start. Seems like the entire house is some sort of magic house. What he needs just happens to be right there for him and putting them on, seems to modify his looks, especially that corset! I thought it interesting that even though he uses the corset and wig, that another one reappears waiting for the next victim!

13 days 6 hours ago

Wow when is part 2 sweetie?

13 days 9 hours ago

I wouldn’t mind the profanity if the Lord’s name wasn’t used in vain.

16 days 12 hours ago

Wow, the animations (especially the facy) are amazing!!! 😮

16 days 20 hours ago

So I’m guessing Evas accent is a mixture between an Australian and Korean one? Somehow it sounds suitable for Oliver Twist.

15 days 20 hours ago

That accent is not at all korean. Stuff to look for in a korean accent would be…

* f sounding like p

* g sounding slightly k-like

* Adding “eu” sounds at the end of syllables (ex: plague becomes Plaguuu )

* r and l mixups

* long sustained o sounds. Like…native English speaker says “oh”, Korean speaker says “ooooo”.