Shifting Roommates Page 222

By | May 25, 2014

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1 month ago

well jamie is really thinking about starting a family hope that she considers every thing that comes with a family of her own .

8 years ago

Her hips do look more wider than normal..

8 years ago

Love the Heather’s long skirt.
I’d like to see Jamie wearing one.

8 years ago

Out of curiosity; is that the same chick from “Too Good to Put Down?”

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Jamie is thinking about kids, guess the hormones are really making her think differently from being a man.

8 years ago

lol Jamie DOES seem to have the hips for it…

8 years ago

talking about twists… a mom…?. don’t ever get pregnant to get the man for heaven sakes,….!!! Good plot, love the suspense though!!

8 years ago

heather looks like rachel from… sexy error…….am I right……foxx…….did she get divorced from ray ????…….weeeeeeeeee lol…..

Reply to  alaskasteviedenise
8 years ago

One sexy error!!! i am waiting for it!!!!!!

Reply to  alaskasteviedenise
8 years ago

Just went back and watched One sexy error again. I paused it and all though the hairs slightly different they do look about the same.

8 years ago

jamie has… birthing… hips for sure…….

Reply to  alaskasteviedenise
8 years ago

Hubba hubba!

8 years ago

Great work! This is a very good story so far! Keep up the great work!

8 years ago

i think scot is a good father to be 😀