Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 3

By | May 17, 2020

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12 Comments on "Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 3"

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9 days 7 hours ago

I’m new around here and love your work but there’s something about the characters stopping their swaps before being completely transformed, essentially body swapped from the neck down, that makes me think that would be such a fun story.

15 days 22 hours ago

When does Gary and Juliet come into the picture ?

16 days 5 hours ago

that was very cool, but mariah was in front of the door, and suddently she run to it because it far away… a little error ? 😉

16 days 13 hours ago

You just swapped bodies didn’t you? Heh

16 days 15 hours ago

And to think the drama has just begun. Im still wondering if they’ll be a twist where their curses don’t come out or something because they refuse to accept their right forms. I could see Alister forcing them out seeing they dont want to live as each other and then just transforming without the curse like he and isabel did in fractured.

16 days 18 hours ago

The music seemed to be a bit loud in this episode, I found it was drowning out the voices.

16 days 19 hours ago

Mariah’s voice actress is so good.

Loved this episode, made me go back and watch the first two Wedding Bells episodes.

Also, the suggested videos still point at the original SFS episodes instead of the Wedding Bells episodes.

14 days 23 hours ago

Mel Heflin was one of the first voice actors hired when this website started out. After the Halloween Switch finale, her voice was not used in animations prior to Wedding Bells since Sam couldn’t contact her at the time. As such, Sylvana (first voiced by Mel) was voiced instead by Crystal Lonnquist (who voices Jessica Young). Sam apparently was able to contact her by 2019 as she reprises her role as Mariah. Other actors that have been around for a long while since this website first came about include Sarah Wiedenheft (Isabelle’s voice actor) and Brittany Lauda (Claire’s voice actor).

17 days 1 hour ago

Mariah: “Michael, Hannah, can you hear—”
Alistair: “ZA WARUDO!!”

16 days 22 hours ago


17 days 1 hour ago

Seems like it’s going to be a long story.
Great work on this animation as always!

17 days 2 hours ago

Mariah definitely has a long story to tell