Online Poser

By | August 7, 2016

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6 days ago

i wonder if that guy who posed as a hot gorgeous woman on that dating website to hook up with other men . that just became a copy of that hot gorgeous woman has hooked up with the gentleman that him now her met on that dating website . and are they still chatting with each other online .

1 month ago

Not bad, if anything I’d get whammied into a transformer based on a Knight Industries 2000 with a dual identity/espionage role with my avatar. I wonder how many people think of actually becoming their online identity irl.

3 years ago

Pyramus is obviously the superior town of all of these

3 years ago

when are going to be to see this second website

4 years ago

So… He knew he was becoming a she and didn’t freak out. I have to know if it’s his own doing.

4 years ago

I know this is the dumbest question ever but can only women be sluts?

5 years ago

As much as I enjoy transformations like these, I always get distracted by weird small details. In this instance, he had that photo on hand before the transformation. Meaning there’s some poor miss out there who’s identity he just stole.

RaNd0Mk1D8o3I: SapphireFoxxSins
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
4 years ago

Hand Wave, Shrug Of God, Acceptable Break From Reality, Willing Suspension Of Disbelief… the list goes on, you can answer those, lol

5 years ago

Very cute. Would have been funny if they both started out as the opposite sex, and neither knew. what a fun series that would make. Hint hint.

5 years ago

Please please give us another Online poser

5 years ago

Brilliant!!! I like it!!

5 years ago

Hi there everyone. First time posting. I have been a huge fan since the stealing from sis on YouTube days and have a problem Don’t suppose anyone would know why none of the animations seem to work for me. I have a theory that it’s because I am using a tabet. Could y’all advise please.

Reply to  karl132franz
5 years ago
5 years ago

Love the pantyhose…more of this😍

5 years ago

I wish this happened to me. I get on Whisper and pretend to be a woman, because thats what I want to be.

5 years ago

Can you please do a second one of these

5 years ago

This taken to an extended tf period over the course of days would be great. One where every logon creates a change, but they just can’t stay away. I’d love to see them having to deal with finding new bras each time they log on and they grow more voluptuous.