New Beyond Comic: Another Chance: Free Spirit

By | September 3, 2021

The next beyond comic is bringing back one heckin’ old animation. Albert/Allie returns in Another Chance: Free Spirit Expect it September 18, after page 90 of Too Good To Interrupt. We wanted to try out a short Beyond comic this time, so Free Spirit will last for 28 pages.

“Albert regrets a lot of decisions he’s made in his long life. While sulking on his porch, a mysterious encounter grants him the wish of a second chance at life with a body that’s sixty years younger. The only problem is that he’s now a young woman. What will ‘Allie’ do with this opportunity?”

Eighth SapphireFoxx Comic Teaser
New Beyond Comics! Fractured Stories
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2 months ago

I think this can come for free

Reply to  xyz
1 month ago

i agree

2 months ago

i wanted to see a sequel to the animation for years and its for beyond content?!, why not put the beyond comics on the main site? its much more simple and i dont have to pay for two subscriptions win win

Mogli Pfz.
2 months ago

Will be this a Animation or a Comic?

3 months ago

Has Sam mentioned if this comic is canon or not?

3 months ago

So essentially a continuation of that one-shot’s story? Sounds interesting.

3 months ago

I thought it was Abby. No biggie I have a friend named Allie.

Charles Arington
3 months ago

This looks good!