Matchmaker Episode 11

By | June 17, 2017

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2 years ago

So in Chris’s dream, the girls he summon are (And this is based on what I’ve seen so far):

– Alyssa from Getting into Character

– Robyn from Halloween Switch

– Dawn (I can’t 100% confirm it’s Dawn as it’s been a long time since I saw the animation, but I’m certain it’s her) from The King’s Heirs

Just wish a few more were added. But who am I kidding? A great nod to those series nonetheless.

Reply to  Alyssa
1 year ago

You got it right.

3 years ago

1:09 F O R E S H A D O W I N G

3 years ago

As a seahawks fan and denizen of seattle myself, nice job.

3 years ago

so in Chris’s dream I notice that his parents and him and the little girl must have been Jessica since Christine doesn’t exist let until he starts using his curse and creates her

3 years ago

So she was a magic virgin

3 years ago

Alistair sounded like the guy from Halloween switch

3 years ago

I thought Isabelle would be able to tell immediately that it wasn’t Chris…

3 years ago

Ha you little planner you this memory is from that newer animation i love it

3 years ago

For the most part I thought this was a good story, but it could have been so much more. Nice animations and voice acting and closing out some nice storylines, but I just couldn’t reconcile the way Holly and Isabelle characters acted quite differently. I loved Different Perspectives and that whole universe and I really liked Holly. Then suddenly now she became some horrible, selfish, manipulative person. And then Isabelle who from other stories is an immature, vindictive, cruel and power-abusing person and then suddenly she isn’t. People generally do not change this much overnight. People can change their behavior… Read more »

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Korpake
1 year ago

It gets addressed in Ashes To Ashes.

4 years ago

5:18 Chris did Ha Ha Ha!

4 years ago

….oh my god…oh my god… OH
Of course she would grow paranoid of Alistair finding out but..this way of him discovering it…
Sylvanna cursed Alistair because she was worried he’d learn her secrets in her mind when soul melding!! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!

4 years ago

oh god da fox

4 years ago

I so wanted to see Chris change into Miss Turner again. I glad Chris broke up with Holly. It will be better now it he turn into Miss Turner. That what I miss.

4 years ago

The only problematic thing about Chris and Isabel’s relationship is Isabel’s unintentional habit of kissing (or having fun) with the wrong Chris. This has been shown to happen about three times (more possibly off-screen for when “Chris” was taking over the real Chris’ life). While Chris is a nice guy and is occasionally forgiving, I find it hard to believe that he will greatly forgive Isabel for kissing the wrong Chris a lot and I find that the relationship between Chris and Isabel is “too perfect” to not have anything wrong in their relationship (they have not been shown fighting… Read more »

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Chromer
1 year ago

She did something similar to a Peeping Tom. lol

4 years ago

I love your choice for the outro music. Rather than closing it out as soon as it ends I let it play to listen to the song.