Halloween Switch – Mommy Makeover

By | January 27, 2024

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5 days ago

First Animate belly expansion awesome 👌 Next up WEIGHT gain

Alnair Superior
3 months ago

why can’t the video be played? is there an error?

4 months ago

They should make Ashley Katie godmother

4 months ago

Well all I can say is during their weekend honeymoon they better not get Robin pregnant again or Damon is going to have to carry to term.

4 months ago

i remember magic cant transfer the baby

Reply to  phantom115cw
4 months ago

This was acknowledged earlier by me and a few other users. Paul Sell mentioned that he and the writers changed their minds on that aspect of how the magical world works. Story-wise, this was probably based on Damon’s knowledge of spells and Ashley learn pregnancy transference through her teachings from Alastair (who probably would know due to 600 years of knowledge).

Last edited 4 months ago by Chromer
4 months ago

That baby looks 30 years old lol

4 months ago

Man, I waited for this!

4 months ago


The animation and voice acting were on point, as per usual.

I was not a fan of the retcons here, as I felt they might have made the story too cruel for Damon, especially after it was revealed how genuinely sorry Damon was at the end of Halloween’s Switch. Then again, as Chormer pointed out, it could also be a result of Robin, Ashley, and Riley becoming more advanced in their sorcery over the years with the aid of Alistair.

8/10. This was good, but was also kinda lazy with the retcons.

Last edited 4 months ago by AuraTerrorbird
Reply to  AuraTerrorbird
4 months ago

Even if he was genuinely sorry for his actions, he never did anything to earn the couple’s forgiveness (other than the crystal he gave Riley). It was Ashley that did most (if not all) of the things that helped the couple with the transitions and the baby. He also received only a warning from the DSC despite that he broke two of the Arcane Laws Isabelle broke in “Too Good to Put Down”, which would more likely make him go to prison if Ashley did not step in (Alastair put emphasis on how harsh the punishment would be for breaking… Read more »

Reply to  Chromer
4 months ago

After reading this, I decided to bump this animation up a rank.

Paul Sell
Reply to  AuraTerrorbird
4 months ago

What retcons are you specifically referring to? Because honestly, I don’t think there are any retcons in this animation.

Reply to  Paul Sell
4 months ago

I was referring to what Rayssa Sabrina said.