Getting Into Character Act 6

By | January 17, 2018

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89 Comments on "Getting Into Character Act 6"

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12 days 16 hours ago

I’ve tried to find the song at the end but have no luck

13 days 9 hours ago

I am really really loving this one right now. I’m glad I finally liked a character other than my girl Jamie!

15 days 10 hours ago

If I did not say it I SO LOVE ❤️ this Act of GIC you are a great artist Foxx I can’t wait till the next Act.

17 days 9 hours ago

Not complaining but something just does not add up Austin is putting silly gel on 3 times a week and he has only gone to 7 of the 12 rehearsals, I think a mistake was made it should be 12 weeks of rehearsals not 12 rehearsals. I love that both sisters have auburn hair leaning to the red color.

20 days 52 minutes ago

Just noticed Alyssa is wearing a full cover pantie where Austin was wearing a bikini cut pantie under hes boy shorts and his sister did not even notice. Alyssa is becoming the young woman he was meant to be. I love this comic.

20 days 1 hour ago

Wow Austin must be wearing a ton of sweatshirts around the house or her mom and Dad are blind. love that her hair is growing so fast.

21 days 16 hours ago

Silly Jell, recommended by the council of sorcerer, everywhere

25 days 5 hours ago

I am hoping that you will have the hair get longer as you get closer to the opening date of the play. BTW how is he hiding all of this? There must be some question by his friends and family.

25 days 6 hours ago

I hope we get a scene where Austin spends time as Alyssa, not because of rehearsals or lasy minute changes in plans, but because it is something he chooses to do. He wakes up with a day to himself, no school, no play rehersals, no plans with friends, and decides to spend time as Alyssa.
Also we need a scene with Austin and his parents. Surely they have noticed the changes with Austin’s body. The no doubt suspect something, but are waiting for Austin to say something.

26 days 19 hours ago

The way that this comic is going it’s going to be hard to wait for the next page

27 days 16 hours ago

I hope Alyssia’s changes into a woman can’t be stopped and that they continue and accelerate and that she becomes a full woman and that her manhood turns into her womanhood. I hope when her parents find out that they both accept and welcome her as their daughter, and that her sister and her become sisters and that her classmates and everyone else accept her as a woman now. And since her physical changes into a woman are speeding up, will she start thinking like a woman, and that she’ll start having mental and emotional changes into a woman too.… Read more »

10 days 21 hours ago

With all the changes after only 6 weeks I also wounder the same thing. after 6 weeks I wounder how big little Austin is and when little Austin turns into big Alyssa ? will Liam be her first ?

28 days 2 hours ago

What song is that at the end? And where can I find it

29 days 16 hours ago

Austin, Alyssa, who will take the front on the other?

30 days 4 hours ago

Alyssa’s sister is soon gon a have a sister for good really soon. Yayyyy…

And what about Phillip when he was using that stuff for his job? He should start changing into a woman really soon. But with her, her female roommate will just love it. And she’ll be all for it.

30 days 21 hours ago

Best series yet holy crap. I don’t think I can wait the year I’m guessing it will take to finish all the episodes