Full Service – Episode 9

By | September 7, 2021

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2 months ago

Anybody else notice the exact same artwork on opposite walls only difference is one set is in red the other is in blue.

Aaron R Wilson
3 months ago


D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 months ago

I’m loving how this story is turning out. It kinda reminds me of Shifting Roommates.

3 months ago

kenwin07 mentioned Gavin (Gaela’s male self) from cinder isle should be voiced by Clayton’s actor and I think the way Clayton accepted Jasmine despite the revelation of Jasmine and Juan being the same person should put emphasis on this.

3 months ago

That felt like a finale, really tied up a lot of the loose ends, and did a timeskip. So I’m curious why there’s still a to be continued.

3 months ago

I called it when I mentioned what Clayton’s reaction would be several weeks ago: Shocked, but ultimately supportive.
Also, wasn’t it the white necklace that reversed the transformation and the black one that transformed Juan into Jazmin?

3 months ago

I appreciate the honesty here, always good to come clean when it comes to this type of matters

JD Washington
Reply to  Jessica
3 months ago

No kidding. Better to be honest now, and at least Jazmin and Clayton get to keep both their friendship *and* their relationship. Otherwise, they’re gonna lose both.

James Caras
3 months ago

I thought there were two necklaces.

Reply to  James Caras
3 months ago

yes james there were 2 necklaces . and juan is happier as jazmin than he was as juan because he / she found true love with his / her best friend clayton .

Reply to  James Caras
3 months ago

The black one is to turn him into Jazmine and the white one was to turn him back into Juan.

Reply to  mickayla
3 months ago

thanks for the assit mickayla it’s very helpful

Strahd Cat
3 months ago

Oooh dangerous honesty