Fractured Page 176

By | April 28, 2016

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4 months ago

looks like we’re going to have a fight between mad alistair and good alistair there at the gym for lindsey’s curse .

5 years ago


6 years ago

That doesn’t make any sense. Matt’s curse is changing him into a woman, and Lindsey’s curse made her male at birth. Switching the two would make Lindsey into a woman, and turn Matt back into a man, wouldn’t it?

Reply to  HeroSpirit
4 years ago

I wish that was how it worked

6 years ago

Well looks like fox ignored the logical continuity police and hasent changed the page. The curse that makes Linsey fully male would make mat fully female and the curse that makes Mat slightly female would make Linsey fully male… Becuase it’s magic and magic ignores logic.

6 years ago

Alistair will win, good always wins over evil.

6 years ago

Hey sam is the Lindsey character supposed to be a manifestation of yourself because she looks just like you

Reply to  hemi426
6 years ago

Looking at what you just said and the images, I see what you mean

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

Wait does Ruby Fox want to turn Lindsey into a full girl by removing the curse on her and giving it to Matthew, or is Ruby Fox going to turn Lindsey into a man again????? I hope Sapphire Fox fights back but still allows Matthew to became a girl.

Reply to  Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

I assume that the curse really takes into effect genetics, in which case Lindsey is male but with a female therefore ‘reversing’ where the curse is, would turn her completely into a woman physically, and also change Matthew into a woman..or at least that’s how it should be.

6 years ago

This Mad Fox Civil War is awfully well-timed, Sam ❤️