Faerie’s Fortune

By | February 8, 2021

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2 months ago

This was a fun one. Probably my fav one shot since Putty In Her Hands. Well done SF Crew 😊👍

Blackwater Park
2 months ago

This has got to be one of the most comfy tg animations ever made. It’s so warm and heartwarming and it puts a smile on my face.

Ally Cat
2 months ago

Let me guess, you got the voice actors off of Fiverr

2 months ago

“Hey hey wait a minute what happens next? What happens next?? CMON LETS SEE THE NEXT EPISODE!”

2 months ago

Me when leone said “you did this to me?”:

download (3).jpeg
Paula Harrington
2 months ago

I wish a lot of people could have that confidence .🙋🎊💖🙏🙇👉😎 And yes I’m always careful what I wish for . 😮😊👉😎

Last edited 2 months ago by Paula Harrington
Dennis O'Keefe
2 months ago

I gotta say, your transformation dialogue has really improved since you began. I like how you’re letting the scenario dictate the changes rather than just having the characters narrate the obvious. This has probably the strongest “Show Don’t Tell” balance of any video to date.

2 months ago

Okay… definitely my new favorite. Please do something more with Fairies. Doesnt have to be Lea but just show more fairies!!!
And to make a really cheesy pun…
You just topped “Top it off”

Last edited 2 months ago by DalkothSeer
2 months ago

Amazingly cute! Wonderful set up, nice to know that faeries have a sense of humor. Did I see Leon’s lip ring switch from the right side to the left? Sure seemed that way.

2 months ago

I thought with the way the wish was worded Lea was going to shrink and turn into a fairy.

Brooke Noelle
2 months ago

Wow! What a great story! I love the one-shots, and what a great figure Leah ended up having!

JD Washington
2 months ago

Leah: “You — Did you just use that sharp wand to turn me into a girl?”
Celeste: “Hehe…”
Leah: What do you mean ‘Hehe’!?

Aaron R Wilson
2 months ago

Random guy in the crowd: So the gay bisexual dude finally transformed into a woman, well done fairy, well done.

2 months ago

There’s gonna be more to this, right?

2 months ago

I like Lea I hope that she can be happy.