Exchange Siblings Page 374

By | May 19, 2024

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Rayssa Sabrina
1 month ago

It would be funny to see a body swap between all of them, with Jay included too. I leave it as an idea for a Beyond Comic.

1 month ago

Good thinking, Courtney!
That will at least lessen the damage

Paula Harrington
1 month ago

I love the angle that the story is Leading into . It’s so nicely done .

1 month ago

Trick or treat, give us something good to eat!

Thank you Courtney! But our Halloween twist is in another few pages!

1 month ago

Awww booooo I was more than happy for super Halloween Hijinx!

JD Washington
1 month ago

Wait, they said the stones were activated? Shouldn’t they be starting to transform, like, right now?

Ironically though, the one who is not wearing a hero outfit is the one who saved their asses. Quick thinking, Princess Courtney.

Reply to  JD Washington
1 month ago

Princess Courtney looks nice. Also Showtime is good game especially Peach is cute with various outfits that I like is Ninja, Dashing Thief, Detective, & Swordfighter!

Random scene –
Female customer: Excuse me sir, what’s the best current anime costumes?

Costume shop owner: Right now it’s Oni Killer (Demon Slayer)! If you like Bleach, Naruto, or any shonen anime. Then you enjoy this series! We have non sharp metal swords for characters as well, they’re great for hanging out with your friends at parties and conventions!

Paul Sell
Reply to  JD Washington
1 month ago

When they say the stones have “activated” they don’t actually mean that they touched the stones together (looking at a close up of yesterday’s page reveals that they weren’t even close to touching). In this case, “activating” means that both stones are now fully charged and are ready to be used.

Last edited 1 month ago by Paul Sell
1 month ago

Mom to the rescue