Exchange Siblings Page 192

By | November 19, 2023

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6 months ago

What Hunter is thinking right now:

6 months ago

Well, on one hand. Hunter did goof up badly and they are going to have to be careful a while or permanently. On the other hand, I’m actually slightly okay with this, just slightly. The twins do get along very well together so I’m sure they’ll work through and talk this out and it’ll strength their sibling relationship. On the 3rd hand, it’s slightly nice to see something happen potentially to Lindsey, at least one she’s uncomfortable with. Not an advocate of any kind of revenge, but it is slightly nice to see it just a tiny bit on the… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Seraphi
Reply to  Seraphi
6 months ago

ha ha ha, . . . hand/foot . . . 1,2, 3 . . . you have too many opinions and analogies you’re juggling

Last edited 6 months ago by cpp1
6 months ago

Hunter: what part of “I’m running on your hormones in overdrive” did you NOT understand??

JD Washington
Reply to  TheDarkNeon
6 months ago

Apparently, Lindsey missed the part where that’s her problem.

Reply to  JD Washington
6 months ago

Well… *motions to The Oscar Date*
It has now officially become her problem!!

James Caras
6 months ago

Hunter, you have some ‘splaining to do.

6 months ago

“Hunter if you set the date up you have to go on it.”

Reply to  Ms-Scarlett-Raven
6 months ago


6 months ago

If Oscar saw 2 Lindsey –
Oscar: How stupid do you think I am!?

Reply to  kenwin07
6 months ago

Hunter-as-Lindsey: Oscar, I bet you really want to see “the girls.”
(Lindsey steps out)
Lindsey: Well, here they are!
(Oscar’s fly suddenly, violently breaks apart from the inside)

JD Washington
6 months ago

Lindsey is about to give her twin the scolding of a lifetime.

6 months ago

Hunter: I have told you repeatedly I don’t have control of my hormones when in this body. Besides he was super cute.
Lindsey: Did you just say Oscar was super cute?!
Hunter: Uhhhhh