Exchange Siblings Page 188

By | November 15, 2023

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13 days ago

*Very loud knocking on wood*

13 days ago

What could possibly go wrong?

13 days ago

Someone sure does enjoy wearing heels. Seems like ‘Hunter’ enjoys being Lindsey more than Lindsey enjoys being Hunter. I’m rooting for a twin sister happy ending. And then give the stones over to Amber and her brother.

13 days ago

Definitely a bad idea. But then again “Hunter” is really euphoric about going to school as Lindsey

13 days ago

That has got to be the DUMBEST plan ever to bring two of the same person to a public place and I’m upset they’re seemingly getting away with this with a handwave!!

13 days ago

I’m not sure because there are eyes everywhere including security cameras

Reply to  kenwin07
13 days ago

Oh yeah those are a thing in modern school s

13 days ago

I’m getting a feeling something bad is about to happen