Exchange Siblings Page 127

By | September 15, 2023

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13 days ago

Going back and forth so often could be maddening – even werewolves only have to deal with transformations every full moon. Avoiding dissociative identity disorder would seem a miracle. Where are the magic therapists?

14 days ago

I keep hoping that during one of the transformations they can not change back for some reason or another.
Wait till Lindsey sees the mess that aHunter made the previous day.

Reply to  Wild4Rose
14 days ago

It’s too early for something like that. Storytelling needs to have a status quo started and routine before all madness and mischief ensues.

Reply to  Wild4Rose
14 days ago

For all we know, Lindsey’s day was even more of a mess because we didn’t see how it went.

Giving up on trying at all in their own hardest subjects isn’t great practice for college. They could easily be in for a wake-up call when they get there, though presumably a reckoning will come much earlier than that.

Maybe Hunter will call it quits and Lindsey will have to see if there’s somebody else she can switch with (if that would even work) to keep it going.