Different Perspectives Page 67

By | December 7, 2014

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1 year ago

jessica why didn’t you tell your brother about you and bruce . are you trying to hide it from him . what if he decides to use his new secret power and becomes your twin and breaks you two up what will you do then .

1 year ago

This page is dated to take place on my 36th birthday.

8 years ago

BOO!! You made pot look bad, Sam. It’s less harmful and addicting than caffiene

8 years ago

Ok so this coffee ice cream has got me thinking . He doesn’t like her boyfriend for a couple of reasons. One being a pothead/ bad influance . But what if Jessica is a pothead also? If Chris was Jessica would he be tempted to smoke pot if they offered it to him? What if he turned into a girl that was addict?

8 years ago

chris will be changed in the carly and will begin to flirting with bruce

8 years ago

While the men in the family often don’t like the boyfriends of the girls, I know mine didn’t, Chris had best be careful. He can’t become his sister to break up with Bruce as that would leave a trail. If he becomes Jessica and goes on a date with someone else when she said she couldn’t go with Bruce and is seen by Bruce, it leaves less of a trail. If he becomes some random hot girl to date Bruce where Jessica cab see them, it leaves little to no trail, but Bruce would have to be a real creep… Read more »

8 years ago

I really hope Chris doesn’t manipulate this relationship.

8 years ago

Will Chris turn into a random hot girl to catch Jessica new boyfriend cheating on her?? To prove he is now good for her