Different Perspectives Page 68

By | December 8, 2014

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1 year ago

big brother chris is only looking out for his little sister to keep her from making a future mistake . but jessica wants to learn it the hard way . i hope that chris decides to let jessica find out for herself how bruce really is .

8 years ago

Why is Bruce smoking weed such a big deal? He lives in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Reply to  secondemail1420
8 years ago

Yeah but if he’s not 21 it’s still not legal.
Which totally works to stop teenagers from drinking alcohol.

Reply to  Luhnkhead
8 years ago

Yes, just don’t feel that weed smoking should be one of the main things that make him a jerk though.

8 years ago

I think Jessica hates everyone in her own family, her real father being the exception. The way Jessica is, let her real father make a mistake and she’ll hate him too. And does she have any real friends at all, male and/or female?

8 years ago

Why not have him transformed to that ass butt he so hate then ,do something crazy with it ,so much so he get a heel (literary) from her sis.

8 years ago

With Chris taking on more and more traits of the women he changes into. If he changed into one that likes Bruce would Chris then like bruce and find it harder or maybe easier to complete his plan. could Chris be in for his first sexual experience as a woman with a man. hummmm

8 years ago

i spy an old sandwich in a brown bag

8 years ago

Time to go into the girl’s locker room!

8 years ago

I think its time to branch out from Chris’ three transformation ‘victims’ and pick up a fourth. Jessica knows his current options too well for him to pull off a disguise with them I think.