Different Perspectives Page 288

By | July 16, 2015

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1 year ago

i think that scarlet is finally putting the pieces of the picture together .

8 years ago

If mom pulls the door back and sees Jessica 2 as a girl, then Jessica 1 won’t be able to blackmail Jessica 2 anymore, at least as far as mom is concerned. Wish Jessica 2 would sneeze and give herself away. Then her sister won’t be able to use it as a blackmail weapon anymore.

Hans Gruber
Reply to  Cartoonist
8 years ago

Second that.

Sophie Sephora
8 years ago

I wonder why it was chosen for Chris to hide & not Jessica.

Reply to  Sophie Sephora
8 years ago

Well Scarlet did order Jessica to throw out that dress. Jessica would hardly want Scarlet to see that she failed to do so.

Reply to  Sophie Sephora
8 years ago

also boobs

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  Cupoframen
8 years ago

Big is an obvious change.

8 years ago

Jessica 2 IS gonna sneeze behind the door. She has her hand on her mouth and her eyes are really wide open. She’s gonna sneeze and finally give herself away to her mom.

She’s behind the door mom. Hurry mom. Jessica 2 is behind the door. Open it while she’s still there.

James Caras
8 years ago

I think Scarlett is putting two and two together.

8 years ago

Jessica 2 will suddenly sneeze while she’s behind the door and mom will yank the door back and catch her new daugher in her sexy low cut black minidress. I only wish it would happen that way. LOL

Scarlett will then say to her: “who the hell are YOU?” Then Jessica 2 will say: “I’m your daughter, Jessica 2. Giggle.” That would really be a good one.

8 years ago

I was thinking of the Chris/Christina ending myself. Thought it be a interesting idea that as Christine is aware and staying silent. Her own personality will start to slip into Chris soon I think Chris and Christina will morph with out the need for clothes and Chris’s personality will meld with hers. In the end I think it be interesting if Chris decides to have the body of Christina but then have the physical and emotional attraction still to Holly thus making a happy ending for all parties. But hey just my own prediction/ idea of where this can go.

8 years ago

I like see Christina use this to her advantage and tell Jessica she is Chris hopefully holly doesn’t find out if Christina does it