Different Perspectives Page 253

By | June 11, 2015

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1 year ago

i know what’s causing those thoughts of christina in chris’s head and it’s not the women’s clothes that he has .

5 years ago

This is what happen to Dr. Jekyll when Mr. Hyde tried to take over. Fight it lad, you have too much at stake. Remember your love for Holly can help you overcome this attack.

Madison J
8 years ago

It is called purging when a trans women throws away all her girl clothes and tries to be a cisgender man. It never works because she is always there lol

James Caras
8 years ago

I figured it out. Chris is hearing Christina’s thoughts because she is him and I think she wants to exist separately.

8 years ago

If Chris thinks Christina is going to let get rid of the clothes he is badly mistaken,it will only make her stronger I believe and get revenge.

8 years ago

My only real criticism with the comic right now is that Chris (and Holly) have been fully aware of the side effects of him transforming into women for some time now – Female thoughts, that particular woman taking control of his body, etc. – yet they keep acting like this is new news to them, and ultimately do nothing about it. This has happened before, when Chris turned into his mother, went out dancing with Mark and nearly had sex with him. After that, Chris promised never to turn into a woman again and that he would donate all of… Read more »

Barbara__ Cox
Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
8 years ago

You are exactly right. he was untrue to himself and Holly when he transformed to interfere with Jessica’s life and now he should pay the price. Chris should from now on keep to his male self and not voluntarily transform. I think he has crossed a threshold however. . .

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
5 years ago

It’s like heroin. It’s fun at first, but sooner or later its catches up with you.

8 years ago

what is Christina really? On page 112-113. Was she a ghost or soul. Chris hear her thought as a male. Can she takeover enough to transform?
We will see? Are there more secrets?

8 years ago

Foxx your a genius!
Time to dr jeckel and ms hide Chris 😉