Different Perspectives Page 239

By | May 28, 2015

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1 year ago

holly is a great person

7 years ago


8 years ago

Look at the relief on Heidi’s face when Holly said Need Help Chris! Like she is over joyed

8 years ago

I KNEW it was going to happen. I knew Holly would be the one to find Heidi. I also knew Holly would know who her girlfriend really is. Had to be feminine intuitition. And Heidi probably made far too many mistakes in front of Holly. Hanging around her and Kayla was one of them. Now Heidi will have to eat crow and tell Holly she is so sorry for being so mean to her. Holly may want some concessions from her “girlfriend.” Holly should never have been treated the way she was. She’s way to good for her “guy.” She… Read more »

8 years ago

Christina is not a real person. She don’t know Chris. She don’t know the body she in is that of a male. Who she don’t have the power to
transformed it herself. Like in he sleep. She never go on date that way. If She do Chris will have a real bad problem.

8 years ago

Look at the lucky Chris have in the female. Miss Turner is a lesbian and a working teacher. He mother Scarlett is a married woman. Who willingly have sex with her husband any time. Always taking control from Chris to do what she wanted. Christina is like Chris not fully grown Adult and will never take full control because she is scare. Look at what all she think(ask him out, don’t mess up your makeup). Look at the thought of his sister(Look at the cute kitten on the Stairs). We know the thought of Miss turner( Don’t stay up too… Read more »

Reply to  Troy
8 years ago

The thought bubbles are as follows(match the colors):

Kitten – Holly
Work Tomorrow – Scarlet
Makeup – Jessica
Ask him out – Christina
Revealing – Miss Turner

8 years ago

I hope Holly and Chris don’t break-up because of this. 🙁 They’re great together.

Reply to  Homesun
8 years ago

That would suck

8 years ago

The nail color gave it away, of course!