Different Perspectives Page 188

By | April 7, 2015

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1 year ago

boy holly is going to have a hard time bringing chris back because christina doesn’t want to leave chris’s body . i wonder if holly will be successful in getting chris back .

8 years ago

Hey where did the new page go…I just read it and before I could comment it went away

Reply to  sanjana
8 years ago


8 years ago

Holly is athletic while Chris based his female form to be very girly, pretty sure Holly should overpower Christina.

8 years ago

Wouldn’t it be weird if it was now Christina’s mind in with Chris’ head and it took a couple of hours for Chris’ mind to come back. Like isn’t this the first time that any of the other personas has completely taken over?

8 years ago

Holly looks great being angrily jealous.

8 years ago

Dont get her too upset or she will storm out of the house and then all heck will break loose. She mite text Derrick to come get her and who knows what will happen once she has made contact with someone out side .

8 years ago

it’s like Jekyll and Hyde, only magical.

plus if Christina still wore that earrings then wearing the hat will be pointless.

Reply to  roguezer0
8 years ago

More like dr. Jekyll and ms Hyde

8 years ago

I hate to propose the obvious solution (Okay, I love to) but Holly should just tell Christina the truth. She won’t believe it anymore than Holly did, but, hey, it is easy to prove. This still leaves Chris 2 with the interesting choice. Actually it is a classic schizophrenic choice.