Different Perspectives Page 101

By | January 10, 2015

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1 year ago

boy chris really does look gorgeous as christina . if i can find a girl just like her i would ask her for her hand in marriage . and just skip the getting to know you part .

8 years ago

Nice choice for footwear!

8 years ago

I’m curious on whether or not female thoughts of his own will invade his mind, and whether he will think they’re his or hers

8 years ago

Hard to believe we are 101 already!

8 years ago

Reinforcing cliches, good old female vanity, so embedded is the idea females are the most vain, they have a hand mirror or vanity for their gender symbol.

8 years ago

Will Jessica recognize Christina now that she’s her sister or will mom recognize her now that her son is now her daughter?
Hope Christina gets out of that booth and goes out and enjoys herself. Also hope that Jessica’s boyfriend Bruce doesn’t come on to her and give her a hard time. Derrick would probably love her too.

James Caras
8 years ago

As I said before, I would ask her out.

8 years ago

It’s nice to see that with Chris/Christina Different Perspectives maintains the consistency of SapphireFoxx’s other series M2F transformations in that the subject’s means of individual expression may change but ultimately their personalities and traits remain intact. They don’t lose themselves, which given the structure and anticipation throughout Different Perspectives makes this transformation particularly special.