Double Trouble – Episode 4

By | June 7, 2024

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13 days ago

I saw this one when it came out two days ago, but I had to think for a bit before delivering this quick review. Pros: The animation was mostly smooth. I enjoyed Phillip’s internal monologue. Cons: The pacing of this episode causes the bits of Denise’s interview to drag on just a BIT too long. This episode, especially when viewed in a vacuum, makes Todd come off WAY to much like a creep. I know Toucans is meant to be this universe’s equivalent to Hooter’s, but this is still WAY too much. 6/10. This one had its highlights, but for… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by AuraTerrorbird
Nicole Robin
13 days ago

omg i love denise so much

14 days ago

What’s the name of the end song

Reply to  wonderman
14 days ago

name of the song is I Like by Ray Davis

15 days ago

Oh ya no Denise is not something Darrius created on the spot, again been loving these non magical TG story’s sort of enforces the idea that not every trans person in the SF universe is a result of the gender curse and I love how we been seeing more gender fluid people show up as well thou I don’t know if Phoebe/Phillip counts.

15 days ago

Wow instant sl*t !! Not that I am complaining at all. Very hot

Last edited 15 days ago by chrisc3616tv
15 days ago

Can you imagine if Denise was the manager? Wonder if they swing both wayscomment image

15 days ago

Good Lord more like Denise has top shelf. Top shelf tits that is. Best in SF universe so far for sure!!

James Caras
15 days ago

Darius must be careful. He may start something he can’t finish.