Crossfire Page 525

By | May 11, 2023

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Paul Sell
6 months ago

We have results for the contest back on page 60 of Crossfire! For those that recall, there was a contest that asked everyone to pick the order in which the Crossfire crew would transform. I’ve gone back to that page on both websites and added up the proper points for everyone who participated. For those that are curious, here was the correct order of Crossfire transformations: TaylorDrakeNoreliJacksonTel’HaraArianneD’AnteGarra (still technically transformed before they died)Leeroy N/A When it came to scoring, if you got the number correct, you got 10 points. If you were off by one, you got 7 points. And… Read more »

JD Washington
Reply to  Paul Sell
6 months ago

Wait.. what?! I won on both sites??!! That’s um… Wow.

I mean, I did make a prediction on the regular and the Beyond site because I just felt like doing two different predictions back then (I even asked Sam about it if that’s allowed), but I would have never expected to win one — let alone both of them! I wouldn’t say that I’m *that* amazing at predicting, though, because if I were, I would have seen this coming.

I feel like the luckiest person today, that’s for sure. So um, yay me!

6 months ago

great ending

6 months ago

I have a question that I do not remember being answered. Did Taylor decide to stay as Transgender or because the conversion process was interrupted is there no way to fully change back? It is not totally important, just something I am wondering.

6 months ago

This crew would 1000000% be tested by the federation for years after. They would never be able to keep this ship. We should get a part 2 this happens and they turn into a rouge crew kind of like guardians.

Paula Harrington
6 months ago

This story was very original and suspenseful .A brilliant job .????

6 months ago

And they all lived happily ever afte-

Congrats on another comic done!

6 months ago

So who won the “guess the order” competition, I wonder? I know it wasn’t me!

I’ll have to go back and find that page again…

6 months ago

So Taylor has chosen to stay part woman and part Man?

James Caras
Reply to  mickayla
6 months ago

Transgender is the word you are looking for.

Hellen (Ellen) W.
Reply to  James Caras
1 month ago

Well, technically all of them(of those that stay transformed) are transgender.they all are a different gender than there assigned sex at birth. Some just got vgg and they got a D.

Paul Sell
6 months ago

Writing Crossfire has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life for many reasons. One is that I’m still very happy to write and create stories for my favorite TG/TF content creator. Like a lot of you, I’ve been a SapphireFoxx fan for nearly ten years, and having an opportunity to help shape and mold some of the most thoughtfully erotic stories I’ve ever read is a great honor. Not only that, while writing Crossfire, I got to be inspired and influenced by one of my favorite franchises, Star Trek. It was a blast to write Crossfire because it… Read more »

JD Washington
Reply to  Paul Sell
6 months ago

Thank you as well, Paul. I had a blast reading through this comic. You did great!