Crossfire Page 292

By | September 20, 2022

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
1 year ago

Why would the dumbasses tell important info in front of the enemy?!

Are they that dumb?

1 year ago

You know
I was about to joke at Tempty’s expense on her revelation
But I feel like I might hit too close to home for unknowns out there so all I can say is

“Oh thank god she can’t make duplicates of herself.”

1 year ago

whatt wrong with the comingsoon Page

1 year ago

why do i think that info was said i front of Temptress just so she can try to escape and fuse with the blue one and then become harmless to the crew of the crossfire.

JD Washington
1 year ago

So, Temptress is now the one being tempted.

1 year ago

noreli i hope that you didn’t give that sneaky temptress any ideas on how to escape.

1 year ago

OMG i so want that to happen and maybe a containment breach at some point too