Crossfire Page 210

By | June 30, 2022

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1 month ago

It’s the commander’s own fault for destroying the device. Although, he/she probably had no idea that it would free the Glumine so she could continue her work uninhibited. It’s Karma I’m telling you! Nice work on this comic so far!

1 month ago

Hmmn, Rocky horror picture show, damn it Janet.

1 month ago

And we lost the Commander….

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  D.vagamer77
1 month ago

Yeah, she’s too unfit to be the commander.

She doesn’t know herself, or anything really, anymore.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
1 month ago

Bimbofication and identity death?

1 month ago

Need to go full bimbo – shes not nearly curvy enough for a true bimbo!

1 month ago

Based on the 5th panel, I wonder if the crew will be able to listen in on the conversation, as it appears the glumine didn’t turn off the communicator. Just my hunch.

1 month ago

boy that glumie really wants to take more of janet’s memories . where and when will this glumine stop swiping janet’s memories for it’s self . when will the crew realize that’s not the real commander but the glumine impersonating the commander .

1 month ago

Time to evacuate the planet, then glass Odyssey completely (or blow it to atoms).

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  ST-user
1 month ago

I think it would be a good idea to glass the planet.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
1 month ago

Janet is a Damsel in Distress now. She needs a big Strong Hero Right now.

JD Washington
1 month ago

“I’m sorry, Janet. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”